Your dog can help sell your home

Real Estate agents are using dogs to help sell houses
Real Estate agents are using dogs to help sell houses

– It seems that not only is your dog your best friend, but he is also a skilled Real Estate salesman as well! In recent times both Real Estate agents and private home vendors have been noted using pets more and more in their advertising campaigns. Of course there is no prize for guessing which pet is preferred; the family canine!

The feedback from both types of sellers indicates that having dogs in photographs of the house (as shown here from a Real Estate ad) and well behaved dogs on the premises during inspection of an occupied home, all leads to better “vibes” with potential buyers and ultimately faster sales.

Of course there has been no scientific analysis on whether the above belief is true. What is true however is real estate listings that feature dogs on the premises draw more shares and comments than ads of similar properties in the same locality that don’t – with such comments often referring to the presence of dogs, and in a positive manner. Needless to say people who are specifically looking for a pet friendly home will immediately be drawn to an advertisement which features the family pooch.

It is common sense to assume that the more hits/social media shares an ad has, the more chance of finding a buyer for a given property. So what tips can the Daily Dog pass on to fellow dog lovers who are selling or planning to sell their home?

1: If you are including photos of your dog, make sure he’s clean and well groomed. A dirty dog with ungroomed hair says volumes to potential buyers about the owners and the way they keep their home .

2: If your dog is present at inspections and/or open days, in addition to Point 1 (above) ensure his kennel, bedding and bowls are clean and all meadow muffins/land mines/doggie yard presents (you know what we mean!) are cleaned up. A potential buyer steeping in the said item in the yard is not conducive to good negotiations!

3: If your home is pet friendly, not only include photos of your dog in your home or yard, but also state clearly how your home is pet friendly e.g. dog-proof fence, electronic boundary wire, secure kennels, a doggie-door into the house, and so on.

If any of our readers have used their dogs as part of the marketing campaign for a house they have sold or are in the process of selling, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below. Specifically we’d like to know about your experience and whether in your opinion including your dogs in the campaign helped or hindered the process at all.

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