Would you like a fox with your hound?


We have just been alerted to the existence of a “Fox Rescue” Association In Sydney – yes you read correctly – a Fox Rescue Association?! At the Daily Dog, having been brought up in rural Australia, we have seen first-hand the damage Foxes do – including eating lambs alive whilst a ewe is trying to give birth, decimating a complete flock of chickens, then taking just one to eat, etc. So please bear with us as we valiantly try to take this group seriously and not label them nutters, morons, latte-swilling-extremists (apologies to latte drinkers), etc. We may well not succeed, but we will do our best.

Fox rescue is an appalling waste of time and resources. At pups4sale we are totally opposed to this madness.
Fox rescue? Are they serious?

The Weekly Times reports this group of otherwise intelligent, well-educated people in Sydney has taken to “rescuing” orphaned  juvenile foxes (who they insist on calling by their “cute” minor name of “kits”), de-sexing them and then re-homing them with similarly “wise” individuals and families.Unfortunately (and this is a gee-whiz moment), they seem to have had little success, with the now re-homed “kits” growing to love their new surrounds….and the plentiful cats, chickens and even small dogs laid on as a smorgasbord for them. I mean who wants to go and live in a fallen log in the bush when one can live high on the hog in suburban Sydney?

Pleeeeease. Apparently NSW law contains a loophole where Foxes are not declared pest animals as they are in every other State and Territory of Australia. So this enables animal rights extremists like this bunch of dills to “rescue” orphaned killers….sorry….”kits”. Hopefully the NSW Government will now be aware of this anomaly and close this loophole before any more of these wild animals are foolishly let loose in suburbia.

Foxes are highly skilled killing machines – there is no ifs, buts or maybes about it. Just ask the family in London who had their baby mauled this year by a “suburban fox”. If the parents had not disturbed the fox, that baby would have been dead – it’s as simple as that. Nothing personal – it’s just what foxes do.

Just because they have had their crown jewels removed, given a cuddle & a course in etiquette does not make them domesticated. We encourage anyone who wishes to enlighten the treasures running the Facebook Page in question to drop them a note and politely suggest they spend their time on wiser pursuits. As anyone old enough to remember the Cold War may know, the Russians spent decades trying to domesticate foxes. Yet with all the resources of the USSR at their disposal, the scientists in question dismally failed. Of course so will this group of brain-dead cretins, but we fear nothing less than a legislative change will stop their antics.

Editors Note: As stated, we tried to limit our use of negative adjectives, but weakened due to the overwhelming requirement they be used in this story.

3 Responses to “Would you like a fox with your hound?”

  1. Merylin Wallis

    I thought you restrained yourselves admireably, what is it that humans have to be able to own everything and cant see that some things dont want to be owned/controlled by us. Thank heavens

  2. Richard Turnbull

    How things have changed . . I grew up in country NSW in the 50’s and there was a bounty on every fox tail and ears . . . good pocket money but sadly now bleeding hearts have changed all that.
    Get rid of the ferals . . .

    • pups4sale

      We couldn’t agree more, Richard. The emotive arguments that extremists use to justify their position in “rescuing” foxes in NSW is totally removed from reality. It amazes us that otherwise intelligent people could (deliberately in our view) be so blind to the truth about these red-coated killing machines. Go figure?!

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