Water Cooled Dog Kennels review

Cool Pets Deluxe water cooled dog house - what a great idea
Cool Pets Deluxe water cooled dog house – what a great idea!

– Today the Daily Dog reviews Cool Pets water cooled dog kennels, a product we recently become aware of due to the Company’s very generous donation to a dog rescue organisation.

When first introduced to the concept of a water cooled dog house, the responses from the pups4sale team varied from “what a great idea!” to “how does it work?!”. We’re sure many other dog owners will think the same way too.

A very handy addition to the arsenal of Australian dog owners who battle the heat every Summer, the kennels utilise the same principle as roof mounted evaporative coolers still seen in many rural areas of Australia today. The principle that lays behind it is very simple, has been known for thousands of years, and is effective at reducing temperatures inside the area to be cooled by up to 15 degrees Celsius.

As water flows through a porous pad or mat, the water absorbs the heat from the surrounding air as air also flows through the porous membrane. The more the air flow the more the cooling function, which is why evaporative coolers on houses are generally mounted on the roof; for maximum air flow.

The units on offer by Cool Pets (and there are a number of different sizes available), whilst utilising this well known principle of cooling by evaporation, do lack one feature that would make their operation more efficient. That is, modern evaporative coolers incorporate large drum fans to draw the maximum amount of air through their membranes and thus maximise the cooling function of the unit. Cool Pets kennels do not have this feature, thus limiting the extent of the cooling function available. Suggested ways to compensate for this lack include:

. Placing the kennel in an open area to maximise air flow around it. However such areas are often in the full sun, which defeats the purpose of maximum airflow.

. Place a cheap stand fan or two beside the unit, crank the fan setting up to full blast and thus create your own air flow past the cooling pads.

And the cost? Well, they’re not cheap of course. Prices vary depending on size and the amount of cooling pads that are incorporated, and range from $520 to $965. The units are shipped as Flat Packs (with assembly instructions included), and certainly do not look too difficult to assemble. Freight is of course extra and can be calculated on the website.

We’ve previously reviewed another dog cooling product; cooling vests worn by the dog itself. In the Daily Dog’s opinion both the cooling vest and the cooled kennel are useful products to have available when dealing with the brutal Australian summer. Of course all this comfort for your dog comes at a price, so for many Australians the old fallback of a good hosing down two or three times a day seems to be more cost effective!

Your thoughts? We welcome them below.

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor accepted any financial inducement in order to produce this article. All opinions expressed are solely that of the pups4sale team.

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