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Scammers targeting Wanted Ads
Scammers targeting Wanted Ads

One of the handy tools pups4sale offers our members is Ad Alerts. Instead of exposing your privacy by placing a public Wanted ad when looking for a particular dog, as a member of pups4sale.com.au, you can keep your details private using our Ad Alerts system, knowing only people you choose to disclose your contact details to will have them.The danger of placing public Wanted ads was recently highlighted by reports of (yet another) scam being run on Gumtree, which zeroes in on people placing Wanted ads instead of the scammer directly placing ads for fake goods (the usual type of scam run on that site).The scammer contacted people placing Wanted ads, telling them he had the goods in question and even sending them supposed photographs (stolen off the internet of course) of the goods. He then supplied the victims with fake ID and had them place money into a bank account.

Victoria Police stated this scam has been run hundreds of times on Gumtree over the last 16 months. This statement had us scratching our heads here at the DailyDog, wondering what type of chimpanzees (no offence to real Chimps of course) the site in question employs who allowed this scam to run at will on their site for so long. From a canine perspective, we also wonder how many non-existent puppies were sold to victims of this Wanted ad scam.

By clicking on the graphic above, you’ll be taken to our YouTube video on how to place an Ad Alert on pups4sale when looking for a particular dog. When an ad is placed on our site that matches the settings in your Ad Alert, you’ll be automatically emailed with a direct link to the ad in question. Of course that ad will be one that comes from a verified, genuine advertiser, and not one of the fake ones you see on so many sites around today.

At the time of writing Victoria Police have not made any arrests in the case in question, but it does serve as a warning not only to be vigilant when shopping online, but to stick with sites that genuinely protect their customers – whatever you are shopping for.

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