Very professional fake dog breeder websites on the rise – warning

Fake dog breeder websites are becoming increasingly professional
Fake dog breeder websites are becoming increasingly professional

– Fake breed websites have been around for quite some time, but as we show in the accompanying video, the sites themselves are becoming incredibly professional looking and high quality. These attributes make it harder and harder every day for the average person to spot fake breeder websites and thus not be scammed.

In today’s Post we feature one such site (frenchbulldogpuppiesforsalesydney .com), which focuses on the ever popular French and British Bulldogs. However it is not the particular breeds that are the concern; it is the level of sophistication of the website and the trouble the criminals have gone to that is truly worrisome. In fact they have even set up high quality Social Media profiles on Google +, Twitter and Facebook in order to add an even greater aura of legitimacy to their criminal enterprise.

The accompanying video walks you through each and every aspect of the scam. During the video we even call the phone number listed on the website, to find it is actually connected – with the recording of the revealing phone call included in the video.

Unsurprisingly we also find the scammers are promoting their site on Australian classified websites, in order to drive more traffic to their site. One of those classified sites in particular is of great concern as it places a prominent  “Phone verified seller” badge on the site’s ads. This makes people think the sellers are legitimate and have been phoned by the classified site administrators, when in fact they have not. If the scammers were called by admin, even the least skilled site administrator would know right away that s/he was dealing with a scammer.

Since creating the video today, we have also submitted reports to each of the Social Media sites the scammers have profiles on, as well as contacting their hosting provider. Hopefully each organisation will take action promptly to pull down the profiles and actual website respectively. Whilst this will hinder the scammers, it will not stop them of course, as their entire “business model” is based around stealing money from hard working Australians. So, if you notice a site like the one we have exposed today popping up on the internet, let us know and we’ll check it out. If we conclude it is a scam, we’ll do our level best to expose it and get it taken down as soon as humanly possible, as we have done in this instance.

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