Vegan Dogs?


At pups4sale we have heard of lots of weird and wonderful ideas when it comes to our animal companions. Most of them fall into the “funny, laughable, eye-rolling, or “whatever floats your boat”” categories. However the idea of turning an omnivore into a herbivore to suit the predilections of their owner (sorry…”human companion”) is not mad…it’s plain bad.

A vegan diet is not good for dogs
Vegan diet for cats & dogs? No wonder the cat is hesitating if that’s what’s on offer!

The Courier Mail reports on vegan pet food being promoted by a Company in Sydney.

The owner of the one of the shops selling the “Veganpet” range of foods is quoted as saying: “There has definitely been an increase of vegan pet owners. I guess there has been a growing awareness and there are definitely more people becoming a vegan every day and realising that animals can be perfectly healthy on a vegan diet.”

If the “owners’ in question asked their dogs and cats first what they thought of eating a diet they’re not designed for, they would have received a more sensible viewpoint than the shop owner in question provided.

However, Nutritional ecologist at the faculty of Veterinary Science at the Charles Perkins Centre David Raubenheimer was sceptical about the sustainability of a vegan diet…..”… I think if people feel strongly about their issues, they shouldn’t own pets that are adapted to be carnivores; it is not fair on the animals,” he said.

At the Daily Dog we couldn’t agree more with this statement. All one has to do is look at the teeth dogs (and cats) have in order to understand the diet such animals are designed to eat. They each have four prominent canine teeth, which are wholly and solely designed for ripping and tearing meat – end of story. Such dental design also matches the way their intestinal system is designed (of course). It is therefore simply unfair on a dog to feed it a solely vegetarian diet. A mixture of table scraps (excluding chocolate, cooked bones, onions and peanuts particularly), quality dog biscuits and a frozen bone once a day for dental hygiene is a perfectly good diet for the vast majority of dogs. If people have their own societal and ecological convictions regarding eating or not eating meat, that is up to them, but it is not fair to impose such beliefs on animals whose bodies are not designed for it. In fact as a result of this increasing trend, we will not be surprised if in the fullness of time people who allow their dogs to suffer the effects of such diet end up in front of the Courts on animal neglect charges (and rightly so). Your thoughts are welcome below.

7 Responses to “Vegan Dogs?”

  1. Bernadette Kennedy

    As usual the vegetarians want to take over the world.

    • pups4sale

      Bernadette, hopefully dog owners will continue to be sensible enough to stop this push in its tracks. Neither dogs or cats are designed to be vegan or vegetarian; it’s as simple as that.

  2. Lyn Renn

    Maybe when these “vegan dogs & cats” clockup enormous Vet bills, these “veganites” will WAKE UP!!?? The pity of it is though that it will be the poor animals who will suffer for their stupid owner’s ideas!!??

  3. Lyn Renn

    Maybe when these “vegan dogs & cats” start clocking up the enormous Vet bills 4 their “vegan owners”, they will WAKE UP??!! Pity of it is though that the poor animals r the ones to suffer as a result of these stupid people!!!

    • pups4sale

      Indeed, Lynn. To us it appears to be a straight up and down case of neglect, as the animals in question are being denied their basic needs. We’re sure we’ll end up seeing such cases before the Courts in due time, and will be sure to report on it when it happens.

  4. Lyn Renn

    Hopefully b4 any dogs or cats suffer a horrid end??!!

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