Using a catchy title is important for the success of your puppy classified

A great title makes a big difference to the success of your puppy ad – In the next instalment on how to put together a great ad for your litter of puppies, we focus on the ad title. It is only a small element of the overall ad, certainly, but the right title can have a huge impact in terms of grabbing potential buyers’ attention in the first place.

Pictured in this Post is an example of just one of the many clever, catchy, eye drawing and attention grabbing ad titles we regularly see from our advertisers at pups4sale. In fact the screenshot shown is taken from our Facebook Page, and with so many people now using Social Media as a first point of contact, the ad title takes on even more significance.

We’ve blogged previously about the importance of good quality images to a successful puppy ad, and how it is equally important to regularly update those images as the pups in a litter grow. However the title you put with those photos (as can bee seen here) is just as important.

You can see for yourself how the title “Best little guard dogs in the world” is eye-catching all by itself. When combined with the clever photo of four mischievous Australian Cattle Dog pups poking out of an esky, the attention grabbing effect of the title is magnified even further. It inspires people to look at the ad in more detail than they otherwise might, and of course the more eyeballs are on an ad, the more potential buyers the ad is exposed to.

Now we come to the further magnifying effect of Social Media, and in particular the all important Facebook. At the time of writing (January 2016), pups4sale has over 36,700 Likes on our Facebook Page. A big percentage of those Likes come from mobile devices. When people Like our Page on their mobile device, our Posts are added to their Feed. So that means each ad placed on pups4sale is displayed on that person’s device. For those who use Facebook regularly, you would know that scrolling through your Feed is at least a daily habit – if not more frequently engaged in than that! And what makes you click on a particular Post more than others; something that has an eye-catching photo and accompanying title of course!

The title and photo areas of an ad compliment each other so much that even if you have great photos of your litter, it is better to spend some time thinking about the title you are going to use with your ad, before you place it. As the saying goes, “You only get one first impression”. Just as you wouldn’t publish your ad without decent photos, so too you would be doing yourself a disservice to publish without a quality title. That does not mean you have to write to the standard of a published author, but at the very least make sure your title has:

. No spelling or grammatical errors.

. References to your breed or breeds.

. No more than 90 characters.

From that starting point you can then get creative, as the people behind the ad example used above have done. As mentioned above though, even if writing is not your strong suit, you can still create a workable title that will draw attention. Using the three guidelines above, here’s some examples of how you can incorporate those recommendations into an ad title that works:

. “Hard working Australian Kelpies are ready for your farm!”

. “Sweet natured Bichon Frise puppies available for homes with daily cuddles!”

. “Oodles of Mini-Poodles for your home!”

…and so-on.

So the next time you have a litter approaching or newly arrived, have a good think about some of the different ad titles you might use, and try them out on friends or family first. You’ll be surprised how creative you can be with a little application, and in our experience at pups4sale, the time taken to write a good title and get feedback on it prior to publishing, is something that is never wasted.

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