Update on expose of fake puppy breeder website and the Government’s response

Update on lack of action by authorities on fake dog breeder websites
Update on lack of action by authorities on fake dog breeder websites

– Recently we highlighted one of the increasingly common fake dog breeder websites that are springing up on the internet like toadstools after rain. Today’s Post is an update on what has happened since, after we reported the site to its hosting provider, domain registrar, all the social media sites it is present on, and the Australian Government.

We regret to say however that nothing – absolutely nothing – has been done by anyone other than pups4sale to take action against the site in question. That site – frenchbulldogpuppiesforsalesydney .com – was exposed in this blog Post and accompanying video, and as a result we fully expected that by now it would have been taken down.

How wrong we were.

Read on to see the lack of results we achieved when we reported the site to those who had the ability to do something about it:

The Domain Registrar (Go-Daddy): No response

The Hosting Company (Hostgator)Hello,
At this time we can not process your complaint. Unfortunately, we will need a court document to act against any domain .Please reach out to us when you have the appropriate documents. Thank you for your time on this matter.
Mike B.H
Jr. Legal Administrator
Security DC DMCA
HostGator.com LLC

So let’s get this straight. Hostgator needs a Court Order from Australia for an American hosting company to take down a fake Pakistani site it is hosting? That folks is called being fobbed off. Hostgator clearly couldn’t care less about hosting criminal enterprises on its servers – or who falls victim to the crims, just as long as it makes money in the process. We wondered aloud upon reading their response whether they would have acted if we had reported a paedophile site being hosted on their servers. Somehow, given their above response, we doubt it.

The Social Media Companies:

Facebook: No response – Page still active & being updated by the scammers.

Google Plus: No response – Page still active & being updated by the scammers.

Twitter: No response – Page still active.

The lack of corporate responsibility from any of the above companies is very concerning when it comes to the issue of tackling cybercrime. Clearly these companies don’t get a rat’s you-know-what. Yet what is worse perhaps is the response we received from our complaint to the recently formed Australian Cybercrime Online Reporting Network (ACORN).

Scamwatch: Our readers may be aware of our opinion of Scamwatch, highlighted in previous blog Posts. Basically Scamwatch are a bunch of Chimps, sucking on the public teat, being paid by your tax dollars and actually doing nothing to combat the scammers. All they do is talk a good game, put out the occasional press release and that’s about it. As we experienced ourselves when we took them at their word and submitted complaints to them about the scammers, when we finally received a pro-forma response back 3 months later, all it amounted to was a giant buck passing exercise.

ACORN: Unfortunately ACORN is proving to be no better than Scamwatch. It is also just another bureacracy, gathering reports from the gullible public and doing nothing about the scammers. Here is the response we received from them when we attempted to complain about the above site – keeping in mind our detailed video and blog post on the topic, which clearly showed the site in question was a scam. ACORN said:

Due to the responses you have provided, ACORN has identified that your report cannot be accepted, and you are advised to follow the advice below.

Final Advice

Online Scams

Scams target people of all backgrounds, ages and income levels across Australia. There is no one group of people who are more likely to become a victim of a scam.

If you have been a victim of an online scam, we recommend that you seek support as soon as possible to reduce its impact. Falling victim to a scam can be extremely distressing and frustrating. These are completely normal reactions, and should not be disregarded. Please view the Support page for information about services available to help you.

Seriously? What a load of crap. So ACORN wants us to sit around in a circle, holding hands and singing kumbayah to make ourselves feel better while the scammers have their hands in our pockets? If you’re disillusioned with what is actually done by the authorities to combat cybercrime versus what they say they do, then you’re not alone.

The upshot of the above reality check? Apart from the team at pups4sale, you’re actually on your own when it comes to  assistance in detecting and avoiding puppy scams – or any other type of online scam for that matter. We’re not talking about issuing Press Releases or other types of talking the talk – we’re talking about walking the walk. So if you think you may be communicating with a puppy scammer, don’t waste your time reporting it to the trough-snufflers in Government. Contact us at pups4sale instead and we will gladly help you out.

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