Slo-Bowl Dog Feeder Review

Slo-Bowl dog bowl. What a good idea.
Slo-Bowl dog bowl. What a good idea.

– Does your dog wolf down his food like there is no tomorrow? Would his approach to eating best be described as ‘inhaling’ his food? If so the Daily Dog has come across a product that may well be worth trying in order to slow down your “domestic wolf” when he is on his “kill”!

“Slo-bowl” is a great innovation in the opinion of the Daily Dog team, as it literally forces dogs to go slow when eating their food. Now some dog owners may not realise it is important for their dog’s health that he does not “wolf” his food down. However most people intuitively understand it is not healthy for humans to eat too quickly. Well, as it is for humans, so it is for dogs in terms of the health benefits conferred by not eating too fast.

Just some of the reasons canine health experts recommend dogs eat at a slow and steady pace include:

. Fast eating often leads to over-eating, which eventually leads to obesity.

. Bloat in dogs is a common result of fast eating. Bloat usually results in a trip to the Vet and is often fatal.

. Gorging often results in regurgitation. Regurgitated food is then normally re-eaten. This food is usually contaminated with dirt and bacteria when re-eaten and laden with extra stomach acids – all of which can cause short and long term digestive complications.

Essentially the in-built barriers in the Slo-bowl force a dog to chase or hunt down each mouthful of food. By doing so the dog consequently eats at a slower pace as it takes longer to gather each mouthful. Simple, yet apparently very effective.

The Slo-bowl is available in a number of different pattern designs, apart from the one pictured with this Post. At pups4sale we suspect the primary reason for the various patterns is to please the eye of a dog’s owner rather than to produce any different results in terms of the eating speed of a given dog.

Importantly, all the various designs of the Slo-bowl have non-slip rubber bottoms. Any owner of a dog that is a fast eater will confirm non-slip bowl bottoms are an essential component of a good bowl design – especially those owners who regularly have to go hunting for a bowl that has disappeared after a slippery meal!

The one potential negative the Daily Dog wondered about from the use of the Slo-bowl was whether eating time became messier as a result. Apparently not is the feedback we have received, and in fact the use of Slo-bowls results in less spills than occur with the standard design of dog bowls. Of course most dogs (apart from the very fussy) ensure whether their food is in a bowl or spilled, it gets cleaned up by a very efficient tongue anyway!

If you have used a Slo-bowl (or one of the inevitable cheap knock-offs of their design), we’d like to hear from you in the comments section below in terms of the pros and cons of this product when in use in the real doggie-world.

Editor’s note: The opinions expressed in this article are entirely those of the Daily Dog team. No financial inducement has been sought or received in order to produce this Post.

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