New Facebook alert page for dog thefts

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– The Daily Dog has come across a new Facebook Page, set up to alert local residents when dog stealing rings are active in the area. The particular page in question focuses on South East Queensland, but if you know … Continued

PETA Kills Dogs – Lots Of Dogs


– PETA – the so-called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” has once again been caught out – killing over 90% of the total number of cats and dogs in its shelter. PETA was forced to reveal its hand … Continued

Dog shelters bursting at the seams


One of the downsides of the approaching holidays is the number of dogs who end up in shelters at some stage during the Christmas season. At pups4sale, when reviewing an ad for a litter, we sometimes see the word “Christmas” … Continued

Dogs die in hot cars – a reminder


  With the recent spate of hot weather occurring in many places across Australia, the team at pups4sale thought now would be a good time to remind all dog owners about the importance of not leaving dogs unattended in cars. … Continued

Another puppy farm taken down


We’re pleased to report another puppy farm has been put out of business – this time in South Australia. The Australian reports the “business” in question was raided this week, with over 100 dogs being rescued. RSPCA SA is looking … Continued