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At the Daily Dog we’ve just come across a handheld microchip scanner that is by far the best price we’ve seen. Called the “Halo”, this scanner retails at $140 delivered, which is hundreds of dollars cheaper than most scanners currently used in shelters and Vet surgeries across the country. In fact it is so affordable, it is likely larger breed establishments and boarding kennels will start using the Halo in our opinion.

Halo Microchip Scanner

The Halo is available from Scanner Angel Oz, with the site having all the extra details on how it works.
In brief, the Halo:
*  Reads all ISO Standard FDX-A and FDX-B Microchips (microchips that have been specified for use Australia Wide are the FDX-B.)​

*  Has a Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery
* Can be easily charged via a USB Port on a computer, mains charging adapter or a car cigarette lighter adapter
* Has long battery life; a single charge of 3 hours gives approximately 2 months of standby or​ approximately 1,000 (8 Second) Scans.
* Is easy on the Eyes​
* Has a large 2 Line, 16 Character display (50mm x 13 mm)
* Has ample internal memory; when connected to your computer, the Scanner Angel software has the ability to​ show the last 2,000 scanned number!.
* Is easy to use; simply squeeze your ergonomically designed Halo and using it’s large scanning area, the Halo goes to work looking for a microchip.
* Is compact and light weight; it weighs in at 163 grams and it is only 135 mm x 33 mm.
* Is colourful; ​the Halo is the only microchip scanner that’s available in four colours (white, black, blue and of course, pink​!).

We like it’s interactivity with the Scanner Angel database too. If you have a lost or stolen dog (and we’ve reported a lot on that topic lately), you can upload the details to Scanner Angel’s database. Then should your dog be found and it’s Chip read by a Halo Scanner, due to it’s large display screen, it will not only display the Chip number, but that the dog has been reported lost or stolen too. That’s just icing on the cake as far as the team at pups4sale is concerned. So check out the site for yourself and let us know what you think!

Editor’s note (for transparency’s sake): The Daily Dog has not received any incentive to endorse this product whatsoever.

4 Responses to “Scanner Angel – Affordable Microchip Scanner”

  1. Lisa

    You say they are 140 delivered, when i look in there they are 130 plus 20 delivery cost.

    • pups4sale

      Lisa, check out the date the Post was originally published. I think you can safely assume inflation would account for the price rise by the vendor in the interval.

  2. Helina

    Is it legal for anyone to purchase & use one one these? Im just a trainer, but we have a lot of lost dogs in our area. I was thinking its a service i can offer, without people having to involve rangers, vets, etc, if they find a lost pet.

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