Savour Life – a dog food company that supports shelters

Savour Life dog food company - supporting dog shelters
Savour Life dog food company – supporting dog shelters

– At pups4sale we love to promote fellow businesses that support dog shelters. In today’s edition of the Daily Dog we would like to draw your attention to a dog food company that does precisely that – Savour Life.

We were recently made aware of the existence of Savour Life by the good people promoting the upcoming anti-BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) rallies in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. The family that owns Savour Life is supporting the anti-BSL movement, as are many other dog lovers from around Australia. However what makes Savour Life extra special is they donate a massive 50% of their profits to four selected, local shelters and re-homing services. The list includes Sydney Dogs & Cats Home, Pets Haven Animal Shelter, Best Friend Rescue and Staffy Rescue, with detailed information about each organisation provided on this page. It is clear that Savour Life have been selective in the organisations they support; ones that promote a no kill or low kill ethos for their canine charges.
On their website, Savour Life sells a variety of dry dog food packs and treats – all of which are Australian made from high quality ingredients. They also sell gift certificates, which we think would make a great birthday or Christmas gift for a fellow dog lover in your family.The fact Savour Life supports local shelters is a major reason why we are highlighting their worthy business. The fact they do not support the left wing, money making political organisation known as the RSPCA is another. That organisation lends its brand name to all sorts of commercial enterprises that have little or nothing to do with animal welfare, leveraging the selfless work and deserved good reputation of their volunteers in order to prop up their large yearly profits.
One of the Savour Life people (Michale McTeigue) will be attending the Sydney anti-BSL rally this weekend. If you are in Sydney and able to attend, do make a point of thanking Michael and his team for the work they are doing and the financial contribution they are making to canine welfare in this Country.
Whilst on the topic of dog food, many of our readers may buy their regular dry dog food from supermarkets. If you do so, you may be unaware that you are paying a premium price for what is usually not a premium product. The pups4sale team’s dogs are in general large breeds that consequently consume a fair amount of dry kibble! We save a minimum of 50% on our dry dog food bill simply by buying it in bulk from produce stores, rather than supermarkets. Whilst this is an easier task for those of us who live in rural areas, quite often produce stores are also found in urban areas too. If you haven’t bought dry dog food from such stores before, do check out their prices, as you may be surprised at how great a premium you are paying for the convenience of buying from a supermarket.
Editors’s note: pups4sale has not sought nor accepted any financial inducement in order to publish the above article. All opinions expressed are solely those of the pups4sale team.

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