Sammy the Autism Assistance Dog


What better way to start our new blog than to introduce you to Sammy the Autism Assistance Dog (AAD) and his owner, Savannah.
Autism Assistance Dogs are for Autistic people what Guide Dogs are for blind people; their constant companion, protector, guide, friend – you name it. Just like Guide Dogs, the law entitles AADs to go everywhere with their owner, including supermarkets, airplanes, taxis, trains and of course private cars.

After an intensive period of training by the folks at Smart Pups on the Sunshine Coast, Sammy joined Savannah and her family just over a week ago. An excerpt from his new “mums” FB wall says it all:

“Day 4 – went very well, we learnt to track with Sammy, on the farm and out in the park at xxxxx. What talent my new blonde male in my life has. Very very fast as well, I most certainly got a work out and if you know me you know I hate running. But it was a really fantastic day – a lot of positives. Sammy is starting to search for Savannah on his own now, he is rarely too far from her side, when she gets up and runs away he watches her like a hawk. Last day of training today, more tracking and going over all the things we are not fantastic with and than we are on our own :}. Every day is getting so much easier.”

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Our family has been friends with Savannah’s family for many years, so we will keep you up to date on this fantastic story as time goes by. Sammy cost well over $20,000 just to train, which Savannah’s hard working mum & dad raised with the great help of a number of organisations, fundraisers & sheer persistence. Just follow our blog and you can follow Savannah & Sammy’s beautiful story with us 🙂

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  1. barb brown

    my grandson is nearly 3 yrs old and autistic…we would love to get him an assistance dog but a]they dont do them for rural southaust and 2] we cant afford one..if they were available here we would be fundraising like crazy….good luck with everything… 🙂

  2. pups4sale

    Barb, there is another organisation out there too: – they are in Victoria – have you tried them? Savannah’s family live about 3 hours drive from the Sunshine Coast (where smartpups are based) and the distance wasn’t the issue. When Sammy was ready, the trainer brought him over and stayed with the family for a week or so whilst introduced him to Savannah and vice versa & finished the remaining training. In terms of fundraising, Savannah’s parents did raffles, auctions, etc and got the business community involved, which made a huge difference. Just some food for thought.

  3. joan

    thank you so much what a great idea to let people know what help is available good one

  4. Tui Dixon

    My now 20yr old grand=daughter has a self taught Autism Assistance Dog. She also shows dogs. Celeste is a retired show Cavalier King Charles Spaniel who adores her and never lets her out of her sight.

  5. Tracey

    The last picture really says it all! Best of luck!

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