RSPCA Pays Bonus For Killing Puppies

RSPCA pays bonus to staff for killing puppies
RSPCA pays bonus to staff for killing puppies. These lucky puppies were rescued from their clutches.

– As many readers of the Daily Dog will know, the team at pups4sale is no fan of the left-wing political organisation known as the RSPCA. Although staffed by well meaning volunteers, the leadership of this multi-million dollar business has been exposed time and again acting in the interests not of the animals in their care, but rather the almighty dollar.

We can now reveal yet another shocking practice by the RSPCA; paying a $14 daily bonus to staff who euthanase puppies. The “euthanasia allowance” is contained in the RSPCA’s “enterprise agreement” (charming, don’t you think?), with the $14 payment paid to “appropriately trained and qualified staff” on days they are required to euthanase animals.

Predictably the RSPCA has tried to spin this issue, with Brendan Neilly, the grandly (and euphemistically) titled “Executive Manager of Animal Care Services” for RSPCA NSW stating, “I think that suggesting in any way that this is something that people seek to do for financial gain or otherwise is offensive”.  He further stated, “It is in recognition that it is a difficult job that people undertake, and that people may be paid more for performing any workplace role … with a qualification attached to it, such as a first aid officer for when they are the nominated go-to person for that particular work.’’

Pardon our skepticism, but this statement by Mr Neilly needs to be taken with a grain of salt, given the RSPCA’s track record in the field of canine rescue and re-homing. The RSPCA is paid a fee by the relevant Local Council per animal they take in . The more animals they kill, the more room they have to take in more animals – and thus make more money. It is as simple as that.

As we’ve highlighted previously on the Daily Dog, various RSPCA shelters have been exposed for killing up to half the animals in their care – in stark contrast to the vast majority of privately run shelters, who manage to re-home almost all of their charges.

Indeed the RSPCA has even come to an agreement with Lake Macquarie City Council that allows it to now euthanase puppies less than seven days old (like the litter of puppies shown in this Post). Using a rarely invoked State Government ordinance, the RSPCA has thus given itself even more capacity to take in additional animals and therefore generate even more income – with the agreement of the Council of course.

As Dog Rescue Newcastle founder Sue Barker said,”‘You can always find a mother dog or cat to keep the infants”. Tellingly, those Councils wise enough not to have contracts with the RSPCA to run their shelters turn to private shelters instead, who as mentioned successfully re-home the vast majority of the animals they take in. As a last word, we quote RSPCA NSW (now in full damage-control mode) which advises it is “working to reduce euthanasia rates”. They would say that now their “kill bonus” has been highlighted,  wouldn’t they? Let’s hope they mean it this time and take note of the practices used by local private shelters the team at pups4sale enthusiastically supports.

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  1. donna

    I was reading you artical about the enthanase of puppies as Iam a care for the RSPCA in QLD I usually take in puppies for weeks but now that you memtioned that I haven’t any for quite some time. I thought the RSPCA was a well know rescue shelter after reading this story Iam haveing second thoughts now. Iam a animal lover myself . We sre looking after a horse for a friend and Iam glad we got him as another person was looking after him when we got him home he nearly died on us but now to look at him shinny talks to you lets you pat him now he is part of the family anyway about the puppies they have a right to live its not their fault they came into this world would we put our babies to sleep because we didn’t want them NO the saying you have give them a second chance!

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