RSPCA kills half the animals in one NSW shelter


Disturbing news has emerged, confirming long held suspicions the RSPCA is not all it’s cracked up to be. Unlike private shelters such as The Underdog Staffy & Bull Breed Rescue, which have an extremely high rate of successfully re-homing their charges, the RSPCA has been caught out killing off half the total number of dogs and cats brought to it’s shelter in Rutherford, NSW.

RSPCA kills or euthanases half the pets in one shelter alone in NSW
RSPCA kills half the pets handed in to one shelter alone

The Herald Sun reports the Cessnock City Council, which covers the Rutherford area, has finally responded to pressure from the community and released the damning figures. In total 152 of 490 dogs and 239 of 311 cats (and counting!) were euthanased at the Rutherford pound so far this financial year.

As David Atwell (pictured, right), the vice-President of the Society of Companion Animal Rescuers says,”Other pounds that work with rescue groups achieved “far greater results”. The RSPCA, with breathtaking hypocrisy and without missing a beat then issued the following statement in order to appear to be on the right side of the issue. It said the RSPCA proactively and willingly helped to… ‘‘ensure the number of unwanted companion animals being euthanised every year is reduced’’ and “Along with thousands of rescue groups, animal lovers and animal welfare organisations nationwide, the RSPCA believes the number of companion animals killed each year in Australia is appalling.’’ Which begs the question; what are they appalled at? Perhaps their own behaviour? At, we wish.

The fact of the matter is the RSPCA routinely euthanases tens of thousands of animals across Australia each year. This compares to the hundreds of small, locally based shelters who have a no or minimum-kill policy and who do a far better job at re-homing their charges. Unfortunately such shelters are far too busy looking after their animals and finding suitable homes for them all to engage in the publicity and spin the RSPCA specialises in. Our message to our members and the general public is simple – support your local shelter – which can be found simply by ringing your Local Council or by performing a quick internet search.

To underscore the trend that is happening within the RSPCA, one need look no further than their sister organisation in America; The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). By name it sounds like a noble organisation, doesn’t it? Well last year it raised over US$100 million in donations, does not run one shelter and donates less than 1% of it’s income to actual animal shelters according to monitoring group HumaneWatch. It runs TV and newspaper ads full of cute puppies and kittens, enlists the support of well-meaning (but often clueless) celebrities and has a slick marketing mantra – all the while spending millions on lawyers, lobbyists, and anti-meat/vegan propaganda campaigns that attack farmers. Sound familiar? If the RSPCA stops running its shelters (remember – those with the massive kill-rate) it would be a clone of the HSUS.

So when thinking of where to donate to in order to assist animals needing re-homing, think local and see happy endings come to pass like this one featured recently on The Daily Dog Blog. By doing so you will be spending your donation dollars wisely.


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  1. James

    As a owner of three bull breed dogs (all sooks) I have long been of the opinion that the RSPCA is not all its cracked up to be. But every time I voice an opinion about such a “respectable” organisation I am shot down in flames as some kind of monster. Just ask them about the rehome rates for bull breeds as a whole. Worse Yet ask them about their survival rates of Pitbull type dogs. My money would be that they wont give you a straight answer! The RSPCA “Not For All Creatures Great And Small” !

    • pups4sale

      James, any organisation that has nothing to hide should welcome scrutiny. However with the RSPCA’s dual role of animal welfare inspector as well as shelter organisation, they appear to be immune from oversight or constructive criticism. As you say, most people automatically think the RSPCA is some sort of “whit knight” when it comes to animal welfare, but nothing could be further from the truth, with some of the highest euthanasia rates out there. We encourage people to support their LOCAL shelter first and foremost, which gives them a far greater “bang for their buck” than any donation to the RSPCA ever would.

  2. Col

    RSPCA routinely PTS dogs that are healthy of sound temperament and would given the chance make excellent faily companions simply because they are the “wrong breed” or they do not like cats. Go figure

    • pups4sale

      That’s what we often hear. Col. As we regularly point out to people, the best shelter dollar people can spend is at the one closest to them that caters for local animals. Local shelters have a far higher rate of re-homing then do the RSPCA, and a far higher level of oversight from the local community.

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