RSPCA Killing Half The Dogs Through Their Door – Report

RSPCA statistics show they kill almost half the dogs in their care
RSPCA statistics show they kill almost half the dogs in their care.

– Once again the RSPCA have been caught out by their own figures. This time they admit to killing almost fifty percent of the dogs that came into their care in NSW in the last year alone.

The figures have come to light, buried as they were in the fine print of a report the RSPCA recently released. Despite the glossy infographic, designed to draw the reader’s attention to the positive spin aspects, we’ve highlighted the real issue at hand. Inside the red box in the attached image it reads, “Unfortunately many animals come in to us too damaged to rehome, however our increased focus on rehabilitation meant we had to euthanase 2,000 less animals than last year; 13,083.” What a comforting statistic for those dogs who were euthanased.

Doing the maths, 13,083 divided by 28,524 (the total number of animals they received) equals .459. That means 46% of animals surrendered to the NSW RSPCA in 2012-2013 ended up dead. In the past the RSPCA would break down such reports based on the species involved; Dogs, Cats, etc. However due to growing outrage by dog-lovers at the despicable rate of euthanasia being practiced, the RSPCA quietly shelved this approach.

The average reader may think the RSPCA is just being honest by releasing these figures, and there’s nothing they can do to help the poor animals concerned. However the RSPCA has been caught lying by virtue of its own documentation, stating, “It is estimated that only approximately 10% of animals arriving at shelters are truly not rehomable because they have a medical and/or behavioural condition which is not treatable and for animal welfare reasons they require euthanasia.” (Source: – a downloadable pdf file. See page 3).

In order to further hide their companion animal kill rate that is becoming ever more known to the public, the RSPCA are now “figure shifting” the euthanasia rates for pounds they operate on behalf of local Councils in NSW. What this means is as part of their operational contract, they force Councils to report euthanasia figures as their own – instead of the RSPCA taking ownership for the killing of animals themselves. In the most recent statistics available, this amounted to 4,000 additional dogs and cats across NSW being euthanased at the tender loving hands of the RSPCA.

Why would the RSPCA do this? As we’ve exposed in recent Posts, such as paying a bonus to staff for killing puppies, the RSPCA is a business – end of story. The time=money equation that a business driven by the profit motive operates under means staff are instructed to kill animals that take too long to train, rehabilitate & re-home and thus adversely impact the bottom line. Insiders report that often staff are only given a cursory amount of time to work with an animal in order to form an opinion on whether the animal is a candidate for re-homing or not. Contrast this with the hundreds of no or low-kill privately run shelters across Australia, and the comparison is stark. Such shelters, often run on the smell of an oily rag, are dedicated to re-homing every individual animal that comes into their care, and work with the animal to ensure they find the right home. Indeed, the low-kill shelters usually report a euthanasia rate of less than 10% – far less than the RSPCA’s standard of just under 50%.

The one bright note in the report highlighted above, is out of the 28,524 animals the NSW RSPCA received through their door last financial year, only 663 (or 2.3%) were rescue dogs. Given the certainty that the vast majority of dogs in this category would have been euthanased, it is comforting to know that most rescues are conducted by private shelters.

If you think something smells at the RSPCA, you’re not alone. We encourage you to seek out and join Facebook groups such as Justice for Max, where you will read first hand accounts of how the RSPCA truly operates; killing first and asking questions later. As we have stated previously at pups4sale, we encourage all our members to donate to the nearest, privately run local shelter in preference to the multi-million dollar business that is the RSPCA. By doing so you will almost certainly be saving the lives of many more dogs with each dollar spent. Food for thought, we think.

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  1. Justice4Max

    Thank you for helping bring attention to this important issue.

  2. sunday

    Nothing has changed. Look after the animal you own and this would not happen ???

  3. Merylin Wallis

    I recently checked the Ballarat RSPCA shelter and most of the dogs they receive are StaffyX Bull terrierXs and the like with the next most popular dumped dog being Cattle dogXs.I was checking to see how many stock dogs were “rescued/dumped” and over the recent years these figures seem to be about the same, a bit more responsibility by buyers and sellers of these breeds would be good by the sound of it. Merylin

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