RSPCA investigates farmer for swearing at his sheep

RSPCA investigate farmer for swearing at sheep
RSPCA investigate farmer for swearing at sheep

– Yes folks – you read correctly. Acting on a complaint from PETA, RSPCA inspectors travelled over 1,000kms from Sydney to investigate an alleged case of a farmer swearing at his sheep – we kid you not.

Now you might be wondering why a Post on an (alleged) verbally abused sheep is being featured on the Daily Dog. Well, we’re writing today’s article as it is yet another example of how the RSPCA continues to waste the money donated to them by well meaning, but deceived people right across Australia.
As many of the people commenting on this article from the Courier Mail rightly state, the fact the RSPCA now seems to be in bed with the loonies from PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is damning in and of itself. However As we have previously exposed on numerous occasions on the Daily Dog, the RSPCA seems to have been all but taken over by animal-rights extremists from within, bent on pursuing a left-wing political agenda at the expense of common-sense animal welfare issues.

Today’s story is yet another reminder that any donations you may be tempted to give to the RSPCA will likely be far better spent at a local no-kill/low-kill shelter or rescue service. So when thinking of your next animal welfare donation, think local first.

Returning to the bizarre story of the sworn-at sheep, a rightly confounded Boorungie Station owner Ken Turner says:

“None of them actually told me they were offended.”

Mr Turner also stated: “I still haven’t had a sheep come to me (to complain) – they didn’t even look offended to me after they were shorn. They just walked down to the paddock, grazed intently, and I didn’t notice any distress attached to them.”

However (tongue firmly in cheek) Mr Turner did confess to possible past verbal indiscretions around his sheep, admitting, “From time to time everybody lets out a golly gosh occasionally.”

Indeed. Just remember this article folks, if you ever get the twinge to donate to the RSPCA in future. As a sheep might say (could he actually communicate in English!), “It’s a baaaa-d idea”.


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