RSPCA agrees with pups4sale on unworkable Victorian microchip laws

RSPCA agrees with pups4sale on unworkable Victorian microchip-in-advertising laws
RSPCA agrees with pups4sale on unworkable Victorian microchip-in-advertising laws

– The Daily Dog recently highlighted how the Victorian microchip-in-advertising laws in place in that State are unethical and unworkable. We received considerable feedback over that Post from our readers, with the RSPCA now weighing in also.

We noted in our blog Post how there is nothing to stop unethical breeders from including any number at all in their advertisement, and stating it is the correct microchip number for their dog.

In endorsing pups4sale’s position, the RSPCA Victorian branch stated:

“If someone advertises a puppy with an inaccurate microchip number, there’s hardly any transparency or traceability for the buyer. Illegal breeders basically see the internet as a cheap outlet for unsuspecting consumers,” RSPCA inspectorate manager Allie Jalbert said.

Exactly. The Victorian microchip-in-advertising laws are a waste of time, as unethical breeders simply work around them. Furthermore, such laws actively endanger the lives of puppies by forcing them to be subject to an additional visit to a Veterinary surgery in order to be microchipped; so that they can be advertised for sale.

The usual suspects in terms of animal rights extremist organisations are making lots of noise about how animal welfare and advertising laws need to be strengthened as a result. Even Gumtree and the Trading Post are getting in on the act, with the TP stating: “We’re trying really hard to help our buyers and sellers do the right thing, but the state government needs to step in and do something about this. These puppy farm breeders who are hidden from view will continue to proliferate unless the government makes stronger rules and regulations to stop them.”

Ah yes – the same sorry excuse for inaction; the laws need to be changed. Yet as the above two publications well know, if they really wanted to they could stop puppy farmers from advertising on their sites simply by using information freely supplied by the general public. In fact pups4sale regularly receives tips from members of the public regarding breeders to be wary of, and maintains a database of those who require extra scrutiny should they wish to advertise with us. With all the resources at their disposal, both of the above multinational companies could easily make use of the same intelligence pups4sale receives and stop unethical breeders from advertising on their sites right now. Calls for stronger laws by such organisations are an easy way to be seen to be doing something – without actually doing anything. However as they allow puppy scams to be run on their sites, they are clearly not being vigilant in the animal welfare space, full stop. So to call for strengthened laws is simply a cop-out from organisations who don’t seriously intend to clean up their act.

As the Daily Dog has stated previously, we urge the Victorian Government to scrap the unworkable and unethical microchip-in-advertising laws that currently stand in Victoria, and replace them with a system of massive fines for those selling dogs without microchips. That is the quickest and most efficient way to solve the problem at hand, without unduly impinging on the privacy of puppy sellers. There’s no need for additional, draconian legislation, which Governments of all persuasions are fond of enacting these days. A simple system that simply works is all that is truly required to make sure all puppies in Victoria are microchipped.

So thanks RSPCA for endorsing our position – better late than never!

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