Rescue dogs become stunt dogs with intensive training

Rescue dogs transformed into stunt dogs - see them at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney
Rescue dogs transformed into stunt dogs – see them at the Royal Easter Show in Sydney

– If in Sydney during the Royal Easter Show this year, check out the performances by the Australian Canine Sports & Training Centre. In just six weeks they have turned rescue dogs that were deemed to have serious behavioural issues into well behaved stunt dogs, performing an amazing array of tricks.

Headlined by “Farmer Dave” (AKA Dave Graham) of the 2006 television show “Big Brother” fame, the team run a 30 minute show involving over 70 of the Centre’s dogs. Obviously this requires a huge effort by a lot of people – and the effort shows by the amazing range of tricks and stunts the dogs are able to perform. The fact the dogs have been trained in just six weeks and that they all come from troubled backgrounds, is a real testament to the team of trainers involved.

Some of the games/stunts/tricks on show include:

. Dock Dogs – where the dogs leap off a platform into a large pool.

. Doggie Soccer – using a large (chew resistant!) ball

. Agility & speed demonstrations – where even some of the tiniest dogs get to show off their amazing talents.

Whilst the dogs in the show are all aged three years and over, the centre takes dogs of all ages that have demonstrated a range of behavioural problems at the shelter they are originally taken to. Such problems make it difficult and sometimes impossible for shelters to successfully re-home the dogs in question without intensive re-training. Dave Graham and his team take such dogs and use a variety of training and bonding techniques to transform them into family-friendly pooches. The dogs being used for the show had an intensive 6 weeks of training, but the basic training principles are the same whether dogs are being prepared for a specific event or life in general at a new home.

If you would like to see the Centre’s dogs in action, go to the Supercoat Arena, Daily Telegraph Park, on April 15, 16, 17 & 21. For specific performance times, you can find them listed on the show website at

At the Daily Dog we think this training & rehabilitation program is a great use of sponsors money, and we congratulate Purina for putting up the significant dollars required to make it happen. One of the biggest benefits we see from the show is in demonstrating to people that shelter dogs are no different to any other dogs in terms of their ability to be trained – or retrained as the case may be – regardless of background. Additionally the show helps to highlight the fallacy that some breeds are inherently dangerous, difficult to train, headstrong and so-on – simply by the huge variety of dog breeds present in the show. As far as the pups4sale team is concerned, a dog is a dog – end of story – when it comes to the ability to be trained and socialised. So keep up the good work, Dave Graham & co – and enjoy the show folks! 😉

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