Renting With Dogs and Other Pets – Handy Online Tools

Dog and cat friendly rental accommodation is hard to find
Dog and cat friendly rental accommodation is hard to find

– The Daily Dog has just discovered a handy website and some other online tools to assist in the search for dog and pet friendly rental accommodation.

Perhaps we’re a bit slow on the uptake around here, as we haven’t rented a home ourselves for quite some time. However the demand for rental accommodation in general is booming, so it stands to reason the demand for pet-friendly housing is also on the rise.

Whether it’s an apartment, flat, unit, house,acreage or any other configuration you can imagine, our research indicates the increasing demand for pet friendly accommodation is being met by a decrease in the amount of landlords willing to take the risk and rent to pet-owners. Usually this does not extend to the aquarium owner – but it does to owners of just about any other type of pet – including Guinea Pigs!

As a case in point, at pups4sale we’ve just spoken with one dog-owner who has underscored for us how difficult the problem has become. This elderly widow has two, medium sized, outdoor dogs – both of whom are neutered and exceptionally well behaved. Yet rental agent after agent she spoke to absolutely refused point blank to even consider an application from her for a rental property whilst she kept her dogs. In fact one agent even told her to put her dogs down and then re-apply! As fellow dog-lovers who have interacted with the dogs in question ourselves, we can vouch for the fact the only danger these dogs represent is by licking a person to death. Their owner even obtained references for them – but all to no avail.

Enter to the rescue two handy online tools that are proving very beneficial for dog-owners like the widow above:

1: – this website has lots of great information to help dog owners find rental accommodation. We particularly like the tips on building a resumé for your dog, which includes a tool for building the resumé itself. It stands to reason that submitting a rental application together with a professional looking resumé for your pets can do nothing but advance your case.

2: Petfriendlyrental mentioned above did in the past develop a Firefox browser extension to be used in conjunction with That has now been superceded as both and have incorporated a “Pets allowed” filter in their advanced search options. When searching for a rental on either site, you can select the “Pets allowed” check box and your subsequent search will display matching rental properties that are also pet friendly.

In addition to the above online tools, good old-fashioned obedience training is another way to help get your foot in the door of your next rental property. Being able to include a glossy certificate of obedience from a reputable training organisation in your dog’s resumé helps put the mind at ease of nervous landlords and their letting agents.

With an increasingly competitive rental market in Australia in general, using every tool at your disposal to help secure a rental home for you and your four-legged family members is becoming more important all the time.



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