Raw meaty bones vs the so-called free canine dental health check

Raw meaty bones are an important part of your dog's diet
Raw meaty bones are an important part of your dog’s diet

– During the month of August, pet food maker Hills has combined with the Australian Veterinary Association to promote a free dental health check campaign for dogs and other household pets.

Whilst on the face of it, such a campaign seems a noble cause, the devil of course is in the detail. The Daily Dog has been alerted to the existence of this campaign and the not-so-subtle agenda behind it by two concerned Veterinary Surgeons; Drs Breck Muir and Tom Lonsdale.

We’ve previously warned about Hills’ sneaky tactics; trying to convince dog owners to abandon the very food dogs were designed to eat, in favour of processed garbage produced by Hills and others. Their “calorie translator” for example was featured in a previous edition of the Daily Dog and exposed as a self serving piece of drivel, trying to scare dog owners into purchasing expensive processed food for their dogs – from Hills of course.

In the case of the “free” dental health check, Hills is working with Vets to push Hills pet food under the guise it is beneficial for overall canine health – in addition to twice daily teeth brushing. What they don’t say is the processed dog food being made by Hills and others is directly responsible for the all too common canine dental health problems Vets are frequently presented with in the first place! Instead, as Drs Muir and Lonsdale state in their recent Press Release:

Pets fed junk food (canned, dry and minced concoctions) are denied the essential tooth scrubbing and flossing provided by raw meatybones. The result: most pets suffer stinking breath and inflamed gums. 
Inflamed gums leads to heart, liver and kidney problems and shortened life. ( The AVA admits this.) 
Alas the AVA discourages feeding raw meaty bones. Instead they promote tooth brushing for dogs and cats! (Try that twice a day without getting bitten and scratched.)
‘It’s a perfect commercial circle’, says Dr Muir. ‘Many vets push junk food that makes pet sick. They then push doggy toothbrushes and cosmetic scale and polish under anaesthetic.’ ‘Oh, and pick up a prescription bag of food on the way out’ the junk-food pushers say.”

There are many, much more healthy alternatives when it comes to feeding your dog, rather than simply feeding them processed soft and hard foods. The Daily Dog has Posted on a number of these diet alternatives, which are really good for your dog as opposed to slowly killing them with processed foods.

The best food to include with your dog’s diet however is frozen, raw meaty bones. Being frozen, the bones help to clean your dog’s teeth naturally as they gnaw away at them. Being meaty, they include a great range of nutrients your dog naturally needs.

Make sure the bones are:

. Meaty. Bones without much meat on them can help to clean teeth, but don’t include the important additional benefit of having meat for the dog’s digestive system.

. Raw. Cooked bones can shatter when a dog is eating them, creating sharp shards that can pierce a dog’s intestines and kill him.

Feed your dog table scraps! With the exception of foods such as onion, nuts, chocolate, cooked bones and too much liver, your dog can help to ensure left over food does not go to waste at your home. Our dogs – eight year old Bull Arab bitch “Kim” and fourteen year old Australian Cattle Dog X Mastiff X Bull Terrier “Ben” are in superb physical and dental health for their respective ages, having lived on a mixture of frozen raw meaty bones and table scraps their entire lives. Whilst the health of just two dogs doesn’t tell the complete story, the fact that both Ben and Kim have always had beautiful teeth and sweet smelling breath speaks volumes to the pups4sale team.

Drs Muir & Lonsdale have produced a website which is packed full of good advice on what diet your dog should be eating in order to maintain peak health. Click here to visit their website, as it’s very informative.

So may we encourage you to take the advice of Drs Muir & Lonsdale, do your own research and make your own mind up, rather than listen to the propaganda being pushed by the dog food companies. Your wallet and your dog’s health will thank you for sure!

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