Puppy farm petition for dog lovers to sign

Puppy factory petition to stop the Kerang, Victoria puppy farm
Puppy factory petition to stop the Kerang, Victoria puppy farm

– Pups4sale would like to encourage all our members and visitors to sign the petition we feature in today’s Daily Dog. This petition is aimed at sending a message to the Victorian Shire Council of Gannawarra that it should cease and desist from issuing further operational permits to a notorious puppy farm in its midst.

A link to the petition and the reasons behind it is here. By clicking on the video screenshot in this Post, you will also be taken to the YouTube video of the puppy mill in operation – but be warned, as the footage is very disturbing.

Pups4sale has been asked to alert our members to the existence of the petition in question, and having signed it ourselves we are only too happy to encourage our members and visitors to do so also. Puppy farms have no place in this Country – without question. The fact that this disgraceful facility has been allowed to operate (and pay Council the fees for doing so) since 2004 begs a lot of question in and of itself of the Council Officers who (allegedly) inspected the premises and the RSPCA who have been alerted numerous times to the shocking conditions – yet have apparently done little or nothing about the problem either.

It is our understanding that the puppy factory owners have only been subject to pre-arranged inspections by Council Officers, which has allowed them to move excess breeding stock off the premises and clean up the sheds prior to each inspection. Of course this makes one wonder what the point is of an inspection in the first place, if not just to tick a box to say that it has been done.

We are also not surprised that the left-wing political organisation known as the RSPCA has not done its job here either. As the Daily Dog has exposed in numerous Posts. the RSPCA is a money making organisation that hides behind a slick animal welfare banner, but in fact is adept at killing almost half the animals that come into its “care”. Many people (including RSPCA volunteers themselves) are surprised when presented with the facts about the RSPCA, but facts they are nonetheless. The obvious animal welfare and cruelty breaches shown in the video in question alone should be enough to send RSPCA Officers rushing to their door. However it is our understanding that RSPCA interest in the case until now has been minimal at best – which is not surprising given their previous form in other similar cases pups4sale is aware of.

So, with every signature the petition in question attracts, we hope not only the Gannawarra Shire but also the RSPCA will be jolted into action and shut down the puppy farm in question. Thanks for signing folks; every signature counts!

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  1. Carol Thompson

    I was so angry at what I saw in that appalling video that It felt like my head was going to explode. The fact that such dreadful cruelty has been allowed to continue for so many years with the tacit approval of a Council and the RSPCA is truly sickening. I agree with you that the RSPCA has become (or maybe always has been) a pretty much useless organisation. I used to be a supporter of the RSPCA, but for the past 5 years I have become increasingly disenchanted with them, and now direct my donations to more worthwhile organisations. I’m going to write to them today and ask them exactly why they have chosen to stand by and done nothing for so long. Let’s hope this petition helps to put a halt to the activities of the Gannawarra animal factory very soon.

    • pups4sale

      Indeed Carol. The petition itself is going from strength to strength. And rightly so. We also direct our donations to local animal shelters rather than the slick, money making machine that is the RSPCA. Hopefully they will get off their backsides and shut this operation down – but we shall see.

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