Puppy buyers contract to protect sellers

Puppy buyer contract - protecting puppies and sellers
Puppy buyer contract – protecting puppies and sellers.

Recently on the DailyDog we posted an article on the topic of puppy sellers providing a warranty or guarantee with the pups they sell. This is certainly best practice when selling pups. However the flip side to this is what happens when a puppy buyer turns out to be less than honest? Here at pups4sale we have encountered situations where buyers have indeed been less than honest, and whilst a contract might seem to be a bit over the top to some, at least it helps potential buyers intending to do the wrong thing think twice before doing so.

Below is a list of just a few of the many dog breeder sites that post sample buyer contracts on the Web. As a breeder, you might like to adapt them for your own kennels, but we do recommend at least having a Solicitor give any Contract you intend to use the once over prior to putting it to use.

Sample puppy buyer contracts:




Some of the most common contracts clauses include:

. Breeding rights:- where the buyer is restricted from breeding the purchased dog, or only with dogs belonging to or approved by the original seller.

. De-sexing:- where the pup is required to be de-sexed prior to reaching breeding age, with a de-sexing certificate to be supplied to the seller.

. On-selling restrictions:- where the buyer can only sell the dog in question back to the breeder and only at an agreed price.

With rare/unusual/expensive breeds, we have found such contracts often include clauses such as those mentioned above, whereas they are less prevalent in more common/less expensive breeds. The end point of all this of course is both the seller and buyer have to be willing to sign the contract and abide by it, or it is best for both parties to just walk away from the sale.

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