Puppies For Sale Phishing Scam Alert

Puppies for sale phishing scam alert
Puppies for sale phishing scam alert

– The team at pups4sale would like to alert all our members to a phishing scam that is again going around, three months after it first arose. The scammers are using a free template site (yolasite.com) to set up their fake site. This site is supposed to look like pups4sale, but in reality is easily spotted as fake (see the screenshot in this Post).

Having set up the fake site, the scammers then email our advertisers, telling them: “Dear User, Your Pups4Sale Account will soon be disabled. Click the link below to verify your account so that it will not be disable. ( http://pups4sale-verify-your-account. yolasite.com/) Thank you, Pups4Sale.com.au Refund & Privacy Policy Terms & Conditions of Use © Pups4Sale 2013”

An alert advertiser who received the email from the scammers immediately alerted us. We contacted Yolasite straight away and to their credit they had the site taken down within hours.

What is the point behind this particular scam. you may ask? The answer is twofold:

1: They want access to your pups4sale account so they can login, change the email address linked to the account to one they control, then place a fake ad for puppies that don’t exist – using a stolen credit card of course. They hope we won’t notice (fat chance there) and they can use the reputation of our site as one being free of scams to give themselves legitimacy. However as we check every ad that comes in as part of keeping our site spotless, this effort won’t succeed.

2: This brings us to the other part of the scammer’s plan. By logging in to a user’s account, they then harvest the name, address, phone numbers, etc of the member for the purpose of creating a fake ID to be used for other scams. As you can imagine, this is the most concerning of the two purposes behind the scam, and one we and the authorities take very seriously. That is why pups4sale uses many layers of security on our site and server; to prevent this from ever happening. Just like the banks, we get many intrusion attempts into our site and server each day, as the scammers would love to get their hands on the details of our 20,000+ members.

In summary, make sure you keep abreast of the latest puppy scams out there on the internet by:

. Following our YouTube channel, where we upload videos on how to spot puppies for sale scams, as well as on other topics.

. Keeping up to date with the details on our Scam Stopper page, which contains advice for both puppy buyers and sellers.

As always, if in any doubt about any advertisement on our website or Facebook Page, don’t hesitate to contact us in admin for further advice, 😉

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