Postal workers refuse to deliver mail due to dog attacks

Postal workers refusing to deliver mail to addresses where they have been threatened by dogs
Postal workers refusing to deliver mail to addresses where they have been threatened by dogs

– One of the regular noises to be heard around the suburbs of Australia on any given workday is the sound of the Australia Post motorbike coming down the street. Another noise that often accompanies it however, (and is being tolerated less and less) is the sound of barking dogs. In fact so commonplace is it for dogs to dislike that little red motorbike and its rider, that many people know the Postie is on his/her way not from the sound of the motorbike itself, but by the sound of the neighbourhood dogs voicing their displeasure at its presence.

It seems however that Australia’s army of Postal Workers are becoming increasingly assertive about their physical safety (and who can blame them?!), with homes whose dogs have menaced, attacked or just barked aggressively at Posties increasingly finding themselves blackbanned until they act to reign in their dogs behaviour.

Fair enough you might say – and so does pups4sale. However not only are the homes of miscreant dogs not receiving their mail, but their neighbours are being affected too. Postal workers are now creating buffer zones around houses where problem dogs are located, as such dogs often become aggressive, jump the fence and/or start their menacing behaviour when the Postie is at a house several doors away from their own. In fact an entire street in the Brisbane suburb of Runcorn was recently blacklisted by a Postie, who had had enough of an aggressive Boxer dog and – surprise, surprise – an owner who refused to control his dog when asked to do so.

Unfortunately for the neighbours of the offending dog, they only found out their whole street was banned from receiving mail as a result when they went into their local Australia Post shop to enquire as to the whereabouts of their mail. They were then informed about the ban – which understandably didn’t go down too well. Australia Posts’s highly paid PR people were clearly not on the ball on this occasion – and on other similar occasions, the Daily Dog is reliably informed. Surely a note at least could have been delivered to people in the street a number of doors from the residence in question, advising them of the ban and asking them to inform their neighbours? But alas, Australia Post’s customer service clearly didn’t extend that far. All they seem to have done is put out a Press Release (of course), stating, “Australia Post reminds the community that the safety of our people is our highest priority and incidents of violence and intimidation will not be tolerated.”

However despite Australia Post’s failings in the marketing department, their policy of ceasing deliveries to homes and neighbours of aggressive dogs seems to regularly pay dividends. It appears pressure from neighbours has more of an effect on dog owners in terms of shaming them to do something about their dogs behaviour than the mail ban itself. In fact the vast majority of bans are quickly lifted by Australia Post as the owners of the dogs in question decide to get their act together and start being responsible for their dogs.

Recent statistics from Queensland and New South Wales indicate around 200 dog attacks resulting in Postmen actually being bitten occur in each State in a given year. One can only imagine the number of incidents where everything else occurred; from aggressive barking to lunging at the Postman or his bike, to chasing him down the road and so on. Surely common sense indicates such incidents must number in the tens of thousands. Indeed it says a lot about the long-suffering nature of Australia’s Posties that many more homes and neighbourhoods are not black banned over the issue of aggressive dogs than is evidently the case. At least however when banning does occur, it seems the neighbours of “bad dogs” (or should we say “bad owners”) are the Postman’s best ally.

Has your house or neighbourhood been black banned by Australia Post from receiving postal deliveries due to an aggressive neighbourhood dog? You are welcome to tell us in the comments section below about how the problem was resolved and whether it occurred on more than one occasion .

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