Petbox review – a daily deals site for pets

Petbox is an Australian dog product aggregator website
Petbox is an Australian dog product aggregator website

– We’ve all seen the now all too common daily deals sites. Some are very good at coming up with great specials, whilst others are great at annoying their subscribers! It’s not surprising therefore to see a daily deals website emerge that is specifically targeted at products for companion animals in Australia.

Known as Petbox, this website is run by a Vet and seems to fall into the welcome category of offering products dog owners will find useful – rather than annoying.

Many readers of the Daily Dog will have had the experience of subscribing to a generic daily deals site (or three) via a promotion that seemed too good to be true. Then once subscribed, you find your email inbox and mobile phone inundated with promotions for products you have not the slightest interest in whatsoever.

Petbox is indeed pet specific however, with the site’s affiliated merchants we have reviewed all being reputable businesses themselves. Merchants offer deals through the Petbox portal and Petbox sends one relevant offer via email to each subscriber each day. The offers we have reviewed seem quite competitive, when compared with other sites, such as eBay and other pet-specific e-commerce sites. However Petbox as at the time of writing does not have a large number of affiliated merchants, which makes the range of products offered and their overall competitiveness limited to a certain extent.

Being pet-specific is one thing, but if like the pups4sale team your main focus is dogs, you will only want to receive dog-related specials. We are relieved therefore to report that you can set your preferences to receive offers for whatever range of animals you have in your menagerie – be it large or small. We also like the principle of only being sent one offer each day – as being inundated with offers is a good way to ensure we (and many others!) will unsubscribe from the site completely.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to receive a daily deal for your dog via email, you can just drop by the site and look for current deals under the appropriate category that are being offered by subscribing merchants.

In conclusion, Petbox is a great concept for pet owners, and we hope it attracts more merchants (and thus more offers) to its portal, Being run by a Vet gives us (and our fellow dog-lovers, we’re sure) confidence too that the products being offered are of good quality – which as many people know is not always the case with daily deals sites in general.

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor received any financial inducement with regards this Post. The opinions expressed are entirely that of the Daily Dog team.

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