PETA Kills Dogs – Lots Of Dogs

PETA kills over 90 percent of the dogs surrendered to it
PETA kills over 90 percent of the dogs surrendered to it

– PETA – the so-called “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals” has once again been caught out – killing over 90% of the total number of cats and dogs in its shelter. PETA was forced to reveal its hand in a recent compulsory report, submitted to authorities in the US State of Virginia as part of its shelter licensing requirements. The team at the Daily Dog is posting this information, together with that gathered by various Government Departments and investigative reporters around the world in order to show clearly and empirically how an extremist animal rights group actually operates.

PETA is well known for attracting the support of brainless celebrities, as well as holding nudist media stunts to highlight its cause (well attended by the media of course). In fact PETA has over 2 million members around the world, which demonstrates how many suckers there are out there who may be well-meaning, but are very poorly informed. As a result, there are a number of organisations that have sprung up around the world to highlight PETA’s hypocrisy, including the No Kill Advocacy Centre in the US.

With no comparable shelter-accountability organisation in Australia of which we are aware, pups4sale has  highlighted previously how the RSPCA is by far the worst performing rescue organisation in Australia when it comes to “kill rates”. For instance, they have been caught paying bonuses to staff for killing puppies, and have been exposed killing over half the dogs in one shelter alone. Yet their atrocious record pales into insignificance when compared with PETA, who year after year kill the vast majority of pets surrendered to it by those taken in via its blatant lies.

PETA kills dogs year after year after year
PETA kills dogs year after year after year

The first graphic above details how PETA killed 96% of the dogs surrendered to its Norfolk, Virginia world headquarters in 2006, and 97% in 2009. The second graphic shows how little has changed in the intervening years. This graphic is an extract from the official figures published for the 2012 calendar year (the most recent statistics available) by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

We’ve highlighted the relevant figures for you in the red boxes, which in summary show (from left to right):

. PETA had virtually no animals in its shelter at the start of the year. The reason is simply they killed the animals remaining in their care from the previous year.

. Seven hundred and eighteen dogs were among eighteen hundred and nineteen animals surrendered to PETA during the year.

. Six hundred and two of the seven hundred and eighteen dogs surrendered were killed – a euthanasia rate of 84%.

In a scathing report of the Virginia facility, leaked to another accountability group (, the Department found (among other things):

  1. PETA’s shelter consists of a mere three rooms and is not accessible to the public–even PETA’s receptionist didn’t know that PETA operated a “shelter”;
  2. PETA is not engaged in adopting out animals, and makes little effort to find adoptable homes beyond contacting its staff;
  3. A review of nearly 300 PETA custody records indicates that 84 percent of the animals it took in were killed within 24 hours,

If you’re stunned at the above information, then do something about it. The team at pups4sale encourages all our members and readers to support your local animal shelter with food, funding and fingers (those attached to your helping hands). We also encourage you to share this Post far and wide, to ensure other people are not tricked into donating their hard-earned money into the hands of unscrupulous dog-killers such as PETA.

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  1. donna

    why dont they start desexing dogs cats at a early age when you take your pet in the vet for its first needle if yu can not show a breeders licience your pet MUST be desexed by law or you will be fined but make it cheaper so people can afford it then maybe we would not have so many animals being handed into shealters

    • pups4sale

      Donna, you make a valid point there. We think it is a great idea for people to be encouraged to de-sex their dogs as early as possible given they don’t want to breed with them. Much bigger registration discounts from Local Councils than presently exist would also be another way to encourage de-sexing. The problem we have at pups4sale is with compulsion. All compelling people to do this or that with their dogs does is drive people away from compliance with the law, such as registering and microchipping their dogs. We are very wary of a “Breeder’s licensing” system as it opens the door to unnecessary Government interference in people’s private business. We see such “Licensing” as a Trojan Horse in fact in terms of Governmental intrusion and control over the populace which has nothing to do with animal welfare. The unworkable microchip laws in Victoria are a case in point. Pups are not supposed to be advertised without their microchip number included, so what do people do when their pups are not yet born or are too young to be chipped? They are effectively hamstrung from conducting their private business activities by intrusive and ridiculous restrictions. That is just one example of where encouragement rather than compulsion is a far better option when dealing with the health and welfare of our dogs.

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