Pawshake review – a new portal for dog owners and sitters

Pawshake - a new website portal for dog owners and sitters to find each other
Pawshake – a new website portal for dog owners and sitters to find each other

– In this edition of the Daily Dog, we review Pawshake, a new portal that puts  Australian dog owners and sitters together when Fido needs a babysitter.

The site is located here. We found it very easy to navigate our way around whilst we worked out how the site operated, which in and of itself seems very intuitive.

The process for dog owners to register and start looking for a suitable dog sitter is simple, and can be done via your Facebook account (if you have one). Once you’re a member, you view the profiles of dog sitters who are based within a suitable distance from your location. The dog sitters whose profiles you review have of course themselves registered with Pawshake, and you then contact those you wish to talk with regarding minding your best friend whilst you are away.

Whilst looking at profiles of pet sitters, you can also see their availability and (we really like this feature) feedback from other dog owners who have already used the sitter’s services. You’re also encouraged to meet your prospective dog-sitter face to face prior to making a firm booking with them. To make your booking (and to pay) you use the Pawshake portal, so everything financial is also done securely and safely.

Another great feature of the site is your dog sitter sends you daily updates of how your dog is getting along and uploads photos of their activities to the site. There’s lots of other funky little features available on the website, but at pups4sale we think the fact the dog sitter is required to keep in touch with you during your absence is a real plus. Of course you can use any device to login to your Pawshake account and keep tabs on Fido, as the site uses Responsive Web Design to make it compatible with all devices, including phones, tablets, etc. For those who are even more techo-savvy, the site also offers Apps on Android and Apple iOS. (Why you’d want to use an App when the site is already Responsive we don’t know, but there you have it!)

The one downside we found with the site is the search function can be a little tricky to use. Unless you are specific with not only your Postcode but also your town and State, you can end up looking at the profiles of dog sitters in France – like we did! However once you get the hang of it, the search function works well – and it is surprising just how many dog lovers there are in the community who are willing to take on a “lodger” for a very reasonable price.

Regardless of whether you use Pawshake or find another way to track down a dog sitter, at the Daily Dog we always prefer our dogs to be able to stay at home (with Nanna in charge of course) when we go away and can’t take our dogs with us. Failing that, a dog sitter is definitely the preferred option to lodging our dogs in boarding kennels with a whole lot of other dogs, noise and limited personal interaction.

If you’ve used the site reviewed here or another online portal to find a dog-sitter, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor received any financial inducement in order to write the above review. All opinions expressed are entirely those of the pups4sale team.

6 Responses to “Pawshake review – a new portal for dog owners and sitters”

  1. Ally

    Hi guys – it took us a while to find your great review, but we just wanted to thank you for writing it!
    SInce this review we’ve made some great changes to the site, especially in regards to the search function – so hopefully no more browsing French sitters when you’re in Australia!
    Feel free to reach out if you’d like any more information. 🙂

  2. Candice

    definitely would NOT recommend this website for pet sitters. they take 19% off of all your earnings, which is incredibly steep. on top of that i drove 20 minutes to a from a potentially clients house on two occasions (so time & gas), only to have her cancel on me less than 20 minutes after i had left after our second meeting, wanting me to drive back a THIRD time to drop off the housekey i had just picked up. pawshake allowed her to cancel with only 12 hours notice, and i am now out time AND money.

  3. Keith

    Wouldn’t recommend for pet owners as there might be some dodgy pet sitters out there who you should not easily place trust on for your property and pets. The pet sitter I contacted for a meet a greet session didn’t show up at the agreed time and didn’t call to cancel either, leaving us wondering what went wrong. It’s a total waste of time. Because I haven’t really used her service so I cannot really leave a comment or review on her profile to warn others. All I can say is you get what you pay for.

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