Parvo Virus vaccine now available by post


At pups4sale we’ve sniffed out an Australian supplier selling Parvo Virus vaccine direct to the public, with delivery by mail. (Previously we had no idea the vaccine was available outside a Veterinary Clinic.) Whilst the thought of administering vaccines is not one a lot of dog owners would consider these days, for those located a long way from the nearest Vet for example, it has distinct advantages.

Parvo Virus vaccine now available via mail in Australia
Parvo Virus vaccine now available via post in Australia

David Miller, the owner of Missing The Mark Pty Ltd, which is the vaccine supplier says:

“The reason we are able to sell this vaccine and why you can give it to your dog is because it is based on a “killed” virus. “Killed” virus vaccines can be handled by anybody. “Live” virus vaccines are only able to be handled by a registered Veterinarian.

DIY vaccinations are very simple; all that is needed is a little courage. Detailed instructions on how to vaccinate your pups are included with the vaccine, with the simplified version being:
Step 1: Load up the syringe with the vaccine
Step 2: Lift the skin on the back of the neck and insert the needle between the skin and the muscle.
Step 3: Inject the vaccine.
Step 4: You can feel a small bubble beneath the skin where you have injected the vaccine; just give it a light massage for a minute or two
Step 5: Give yourself a pat on the back, as you’re all done.


Puppies: It is recommended that puppies are vaccinated at the following ages:
1st Vaccine 6-8 weeks
2nd Vaccine 12-14 weeks
3rd Vaccine 16-18 weeks.

Adults/juveniles over 18 weeks: If never vaccinated before, 2 doses should be given 4 weeks apart. A yearly booster should be given to all dogs to maintain adequate immunity.
N/B Dogs receiving their first course of vaccines will not be fully protected until 10 days after the final vaccine of their initial course.

Needles are included with the vaccine.

Cost: $30.00 per vaccination plus $10.00 overnight express postage.

Please contact David Miller at Missing The Mark PTY LTD on telephone number 0408 197 770 or via email: for further details.

Having talked to Veterinarians on this subject, we feel it is important to highlight to the readers of The Daily Dog some important additional points:

1: Parvo Virus is EXTREMELY deadly, with an almost 100% fatality rate in young pups.
2: Full immunity IS NOT conferred on vaccinated pups until AT LEAST 10 days after the 3rd vaccine is administered.
3: Until full immunity status is conferred, DO NOT take your pups into public locations such as parks where they can contract Parvo Virus from other dogs who may be infected.
4: Until full immunity status is conferred, DO NOT allow dogs onto your premises where you are not 100% sure the dog/s in question  are up to date with their own Parvo Virus vaccination.

Some people may be up in arms at the thought of vaccines being administered privately. However for those who have grown up in rural Australia (as have some members of the pups4sale team), privately administered vaccines for a range of farm animals are very common. Farmers and graziers regularly (and legally) stock vaccines for pigs, horses, cattle and sheep and have been successfully administering such vaccines to their livestock for many years. So the private purchase, storage and administration of killed vaccines is nothing new – it is just the first time we have heard of it in the case of the Parvo Virus vaccine.



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  1. Colin Towill

    Just to follow on, it is also available from Country Vet online for $12.82 each (1ml) or $104.28 for 10ml (10 shots), plus $7.95 delivery and $4.75 cool packaging…they are good with delivery

  2. Trish

    We have been using Parvac for years and have never had a problem with it.

  3. Amanda

    Hi Trish. May I ask where you purchase the parvac vaccine? I’ve looked online and can only find the single dose on two websites, both out of stock. Thanks!

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