Including Your Dogs In Your Will

– The issue of providing for dogs in our Wills is something many dog owners often do not give a second thought to. Yet it is becoming increasingly common for Lawyers to raise this topic with people when preparing new … Continued

Dog Sells For Record Two Million Dollars

– A Tibetan Mastiff puppy has been sold for a new world record price at a recent luxury pet fair in China. The previous record had also been held by a Tibetan Mastiff, which is a highly prized breed among … Continued

Hi Tech Car Water Bowl For Dogs On The Move

– If you’re like many Australians who enjoy holidaying or just travelling with your dog, on today’s Daily Dog we profile a very handy water bowl, designed specifically for this purpose. As you’ll see from the photo montage with this … Continued

Snakes Vs Dogs – A New Twist In The Tail


– At pups4sale we have spoken with a number of members across Australia this summer who have reported unusually high levels of snake sightings around their homes. Of course together with the increased number of sightings go the increased numbers … Continued

Designer Pet Beds – Designed To Waste Your Money


– If you’re thinking of buying a designer pet bed to give your house that extra dose of chic´, perhaps you had better think twice before shelling out large amounts of hard-earned currency. The Daily Dog has uncovered an Australian … Continued

Dogs With Tattoos – A New Trend Perhaps

– Tattooing the inside of a female dog’s ear during a de-sexing operation is a procedure that has been common for many years in Australia and overseas. Of course it’s only required in female dogs as the procedure is, shall … Continued

Dog Off Leash Park Has Residents Barking Mad


– In another case of ‘not in my backyard’, residents of the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea are up in arms over a proposed dog off-leash park in their suburb. For those not familiar with the subject, a “dog off-leash park” … Continued