New Victorian laws to encourage large puppy factories

puppy factories encouraged by Victorian Department of Primary Industries
How to create puppy factories: Victorian DPI


That’s right folks – bureaucrats in Victoria’s Department of Primary Industries have come up with a new way to encourage the development of even bigger puppy factories. The euphemistically entitled “Code of Practice for the Operation of Breeding and Rearing Establishments” imposes massive regulatory  staffing, reporting & compliance burdens on hobbyists, small breeders and farmers with working dogs alike. The ridiculously complex proposed regulations (being looked at by other States too) will add a massive cost to the rearing of puppies in Victoria, leaving many people in the above groups with no choice but to shut down. The demand for puppies will continue of course, so who benefits from this legislation? The answer is simple – existing puppy factories who have the resources to add extra staff and comply with the additional bureaucratic burdens that are proposed.

By driving small hobbyists, breeders and breed fanciers to the wall, competition & the supply of puppies decreases. So guess who will then step in, ramp up “production” and their prices with it – the puppy mills! Existing puppy factories will just get larger, adding new breeds and breeders to fill the demand. Additionally, an opportunity will open up for business people with the funds at hand to open new, even larger puppy factories than exist today. This poorly thought out proposal smacks of the desire for Governmental control without the slightest hint or thought of how it is going to actually affect animal welfare. It might look all warm and fuzzy on paper, with the cute puppy and kitten photo on the Victorian DPI site placed to emphasize how this is all about animal welfare – but make no mistake – this dog of a proposed legislation  bites.

There is still several weeks left at time of writing to stop this madness. Click here to submit your comments and also contact your local MP with your concerns. For people outside Victoria, don’t think this will stop at the border. SA, WA, NSW & TAS are all looking at this legislation with the aim of imposing it on their long suffering farmers, dog breeders & fanciers. Make your voices heard to your State DPI and MPs, and share this post on Social Media. The way of life of dog breed fanciers & hobbyists alike is threatened all over Australia if this barking mad proposal goes through, so now is the chance to stop it.

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  1. Kate

    It is all about revenue not the animals and RSPCA is no better they would sooner put down a dog that has a good home than give it back to it’s owner. If you don’t/can’t pay them for your own dog back then your healthy dog gets put down…

    • SUSAN

      I agree my neighbour had 2 old dogs taken from her and a $1000 FINE IMPOSED because her other 2 year old was outside her gate, the council came and took all 3 dogs and put the two old ones into a rescue home and gave her the young one back, the oldies have still not found a home and may be separated or destroyed if homes unable to be found, they came from a perfectly good loving family
      home on a quiet single track road, in a quiet country town go figure !

  2. Merylin Wallis

    I have wellplanned working Border Collies, I have 2/3 Imp. bloodlines 1/3 Aussie ,my dogs work sheep and cattle and are my mates . I love to breed a litter or two of pups a year when I want one or if I have a couple of requests for my dogs.These new laws dont allow me to work a dog and a bitch together which is the best way to work two dogs. The amendments have 45 references to using a vet and guess who did these amendments? the Aust. Vet. Assoc!!! If you dont know who to contact ring the VWSDA or Kelpie Yard-dog workers. How is the RSPCA going to do its million paws walk and are Councils going to have HIS and HERS exercise areas?

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