New Facebook alert page for dog thefts

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All Breeds Dog Theft Alerts Facebook Page Logo
All Breeds Dog Theft Alerts Facebook Page Logo

– The Daily Dog has come across a new Facebook Page, set up to alert local residents when dog stealing rings are active in the area. The particular page in question focuses on South East Queensland, but if you know of similar Pages in your local area, please let us know and we will be glad to highlight their existence so people local to that area can follow the Page.

The Page we highlight today is called “All Breed Dog Theft Alerts SE Qld“, which is quite a mouthful, but explains exactly what the group is about and the area it covers.

The group was founded by a Loganlea woman, who witnessed both her fence being marked by suspicious individuals and a subsequent attempt to steal her dogs from her yard – an attempt caught on the woman’s CCTV system. Fortunately the woman in question was already aware of the tactics dog thieves use to target homes and their canine residents, so prevented the theft of her four-legged friends. Many people have not been so lucky however, as we have highlighted in a number of Posts on the Daily Dog on the subject of dog thefts and dog fighting rings.

The Facebook Page set up by this community-minded woman allows people to place alerts for missing, lost and stolen dogs across South East Queensland, so people can keep an eye out for them. Some of the places such dogs are located are obvious, such as in the local neighbourhood. Others are less so – as in one case the pups4sale team is aware of where a suspected stolen dog was spotted by the (surprised!) owners as the dog traveled down the road on the back of a ute! In cases where dogs have been stolen, quite often they have turned up for sale on Gumtree. In still other cases (as most dog owners would be aware), the dogs are stolen for use in dog fights.

The dog fighting scenario is perhaps the worst of all, so if people have seen a dog theft in progress or have spotted a dog that has been stolen, a simple phone call to the Police with a number plate ID might well start the ball rolling on dismantling one of these evil organisations. If you are in South East Queensland, may we encourage you to follow the Facebook Page noted above. If not in that area, why not look for a similar Page in your own area, or even start one if you are prepared to moderate it.

On a disappointing note, the Officer in Charge of the Logan Central Police Station (which covers the area where the attempted theft occurred) demonstrated how some individual Police Officers still need educating in terms of how prevalent such thefts are. Officer Warren Parker stated “…We consider dog fighting to be a bit of an urban myth as there is no evidence to suggest it is happening.” Excuse us? Did we hear correctly? Perhaps Officer Parker needs to put his packet of Twinkies down long enough to actually get out a bit. Or perhaps he should pick up the phone (if he has the time in his busy day) and talk to the RSPCA and DPI (Department of Primary Industries) Officers who are tasked with tackling such rings on a regular basis. In the urban area where Officer Parker is located, dog fights of course would be virtually non-existent due to the noise the fights create and the large crowds they attract. The fact is, many dogs are stolen from urban areas, whereas the fights themselves occur in secluded rural or semi-rural areas.

The next time you are talking with a local Police Officer, perhaps you would like to mention how common dog fighting rings are, as the comments from Officer Parker clearly demonstrate, some Police have no idea the problem exists. Additionally, if you know of other regional dog theft/fighting/alert Facebook Pages in existence, please let us know so we can spread the word. As dog thefts are in reality so common, every little bit dog lovers can do to fight this scourge helps to encourage the people behind them to think twice before continuing.

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  1. Lyn Renn

    I find it UNBELIEVABLE the mentality if the Police!!! How STUPID r they??!! They just turn a blind eye!!! Makes u wonder??!! If it was about children it is a whole different story!! Our pets r as important 2 most of us as r our children! !! Get your act together, cops, & help stamp out this disgusting act!!!!!!!

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