Monty The Chinese Crested Dog – How Liver And Kidneys Nearly Killed Him

Do not feed Liver or Kidneys to your dogs
Do not feed Liver or Kidneys to your dogs

– In today’s edition of the Daily Dog, we bring a warning to all dog owners regarding the danger of feeding offal to your dog – especially Liver and Kidneys.

Julie P. owns, breeds and shows Chinese Crested Dogs. If you aren’t familiar with the breed but do attend dog shows, you may have seen them in either variant; “Powder Puff” or “Hairless”. In either form they are certainly a distinctive breed.

The problems with the subject of this post,”Monty”, came about when he was unable to be kept as a stud dog and was re-homed. Julie has kindly written about Monty’s story below as a warning to all dog owners not to be tempted to feed their dogs Liver or Kidneys. Both organs contain Vitamin A, which is poisonous to dogs. Both are commonly available in butcher shops and supermarkets, where the unsuspecting dog owner may purchase them to feed to their dog.

As you will see from the main photo with this story, when Monty was sick, he was a very, very sick boy indeed.


Monty was born and bred to be an outstanding Chinese Crested Stud dog.  His little chocolate body was perfectly hairless, and he had big brown eyes and a big heart!
He was owned and loved by a reputable Chinese Crested breeder, raised from birth with a family of 6 adult Cresties, and 4 other puppies. Monty’s world was fast and good! He loved all the things puppies do, chewing up shoes, chasing birds he would never catch and wrestling the older dogs. He loved to sleep in the sun and enjoyed wetting everyone at bath time.
Until he was 4mths old life for Monty was complete. He had learned much from the older Cresties and knew what was expected of him. Most of the time, he behaved.
Monty often got over excited and would paddle his front paws In the air, a bit to the left, a bit to the right, standing straight up, both paws dancing in the breeze; his way of showing he was up for anything!

Monty The Chinese Crested Dog as a puppy
Monty The Chinese Crested Dog as a puppy before the trouble began

 Then in just one day, Monty developed a load of white spots all over his little chocolate body. He was in peak condition and not showing any signs of illness – but there were the spots!
On the body of a Hairless Chinese Crested, this was unacceptable from a show perspective. So off to Monty’s favorite place, the Vet! After a span of tests, the spots were determined to be LUKADERMA. This is a totally harmless skin condition, that would come and go and need no treatment, but it was genetic.  There ended Monty’s stud career before it began!

We decided Monty needed a forever pet home, but by now he was 6 mths old and very bonded to his dog and human family! He had never been away for even one night!!  We had him de-sexed and decided to put him into foster care to try and make the eventual new home transition easier.  (At the foster home he was still in a loving family, with lots of doggie friends.)

This was not Monty’s idea of fun, but in time he adjusted well and what seemed like a wonderful home came along. Monty left foster care, and as my heart broke, I was happy he had someone to love him.

The family he went to seemed perfect and Monty was to be a companion dog for a disabled boy.
But, within 2 weeks, monty’s foster Mum was called by his new owner, to say Monty was very sick and on his way to the vet!! Monty’s foster Mum called me and Monty was returned home immediately.

Again, in the blink of an eye, Monty’s world crumbled. Somehow Monty had landed on deaths door!!

He was just a skeleton, covered in boils, and very sad! I had never seen a Crestie in this condition. I rushed him to the Vet Monty had been seeing since birth, and after some tests, our horror became real! Monty had been poisoned! He had been fed large amounts of raw liver/kidney, which delivers pure vitamin A……toxic to dogs!! So, inside and out, Monty was dying! We were going to have to fight hard to save him!

His little body was internally covered in ulcers. They were in his throat, his ears, his nose, his stomach and all his organs!! Even the pads of his feet were not spared.  Monty may well have had a dose of something unknown, in addition to the Liver and Kidneys. His mouth was so sore he couldn’t eat, and his bodily functions stung him!

Monty’s little world was a sad place! He was treated inside and out, again; not Monty’s idea of fun! He was very happy to be home with all his family; he had not forgotten anything. He was glued to my side!

The older dogs at home nursed him through; they constantly cleaned him, curled up around him and stood back as he slowly ate. Cresteds thrive in a pack and his pack knew he was sick.  It was beautiful to see!

Some 3mths went by and Monty blossomed! He was well again and firmly planted in the pack. He gained healthy weight, but was very frightened of any strangers; he had been through so much!  He trembled if he had to leave the house. He was going to be a challenge for someone new. We were a breeding stud and had a few too many Cresties.

Again, to Monty’s horror, he was offered to a forever home. This time I advertised him on a money back system and I agonized over the choices.

Monty is now fully recovered and in his forever home
Monty is now fully recovered and in his forever home

 Monty made the final choice, as a older gentleman showed him the kindness he deserved. Monty did not insist on coming home and settled in his new owner’s lap beautifully.

Now some 6 months have passed and Monty still sits in the same lap, very happy with his new life. He looks great in the photos his owner has sent.

Every animal belongs somewhere and often finding that place takes time.
If we all had just a little time to give, every animal would find that happy place!

Monty’s new Mum emails me pictures every six months or so, and Monty is doing great!! We will never forget him,

Love you always Monty,
Your birth family will never forget you xx

What a heart-warming story that was from Julie. We are so glad Monty ended up “on his paws” so to speak!

Last week on the Daily Dog we posted about feeding dogs a common-sense diet, which includes avoiding all offal products. We believe today’s post adds to that article by detailing just how deadly the wrong diet can be for our best friends.

The pups4sale team would like to encourage all dog owners who read this Post to share it with your friends and family who may also own dogs, By doing so you may well save the life of a four-legged family member in future.

Do you have a story to share about your four-legged best friend? The Daily Dog would love to hear about it and share it with our readers. 

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