Lost Pet Finders – a handy site for dog owners

Lost Pet Finders - a handy website to help you find your lost dog
Lost Pet Finders – a handy website to help you find your lost dog

– For a dog owner there is little worse than realising you’ve lost your dog. That sinking feeling is one the pups4sale team knows well, courtesy of our professional escape artist, “Ben”. After you lose your dog once however, you never want it to happen again – and that applies whether you have been reunited with your dog or not.

On today’s Daily Dog we review a relevant site one of our team members recently came across when surfing the Net. This site is one that appears to be a very useful tool in terms of helping dog owners across Australia reunite with their lost family member.

Easy to navigate and very professionally constructed, Lost Pet Finders is the most impressive site in the pet location/recovery/return field we have encountered in Australia in terms of ease of use. Here’s how it works:

. You register yourself and your dog/s on their site – which is free.

. If and when you lose your dog, you login to your account, set up, pay for and issue an alert.

. The alert goes out automatically to all the Vets, Shelters, Pounds, Dog Clubs, etc in your local area – or a wider area if you so choose. Your alert is also posted on Social Media.

An upside of this service is it is very easy to use and comprehensive in terms of alerts being sent out to just about anybody involved with dogs that are located within a certain radius of your house. Another advantage of the sophistication of this site is you can set the search radius from whatever location you happen to be at when your dog disappears. For example, if you are away from home on holiday with your dog and he goes missing, you can set the search radius around that point, rather than your home location – something that makes obvious sense.

The downside to Lost Pet Finders is the service is not free – and is actually quite expensive. The “Price Options” (as the website describes them) for alerts to be issued range from $25 to a whopping $1,000! Cleverly they don’t reveal what “price option” is applicable to you until you have registered with them, you want to send an alert and they’ve “got you in their grasp” – so to speak.

It appears that the wider you set the search radius and the more people/organisations you wish to be contacted regarding your lost dog, the more expensive the alert becomes. It is easy to imagine therefore a distraught dog owner shelling out a large amount of money for a comprehensive alert to be issued when in “panic mode” over the disappearance of their dog. We do hope this is not the case however as in the Daily Dog’s opinion such behaviour would be trading in human and animal suffering.

The marketing tactic of making people feel committed to a process so they will continue on and spend their money with the company concerned is a well known one. However at the Daily Dog we always question the ethics of a site where they don’t disclose their price structure up front. After all, if they have nothing to hide, why not make their pricing transparent?

So if you plan to register with the Lost Pet Finders service, be aware that should the need arise to issue an alert through them, you will need to be wise about how much money you spend.

If anyone has used the Lost Pet Finders service or another service specialising in locating lost dogs and other pets, we’d like to hear your feedback – as would the readers of the Daily Dog. Please feel free to leave your comments below….and to lessen the chance of needing a service such as that featured in today’s Post, always remember to shut the gate securely when you go out!

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor accepted any financial inducement for our review of Lost Pet Finder. The opinions expressed are ours alone.

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