Locking Dog Collars

Locking dog leash - security for you and your dog
Locking dog leash – security for you and your dog

– At the Daily Dog we’re always interested in products that help keep our four-legged friends healthy and happy. Preventing your dog from slipping the lead or indeed being stolen should he be tied up outside a shop, etc is included in that list of course.

As such we’ve come across lockable dog collars/leashes/leads; a product our readers may or may not be aware of. At pups4sale we have been wondering for some time whether such products were in the marketplace, with our research turning up the two versions we think most highly of.

Unfortunately both products are made and sold overseas (one in the UK and one in the US), but with plenty of people shopping at overseas online stores these days, that hardly makes a difference.

The main criteria for us was whether the lead and collar truly locked and was theft resistant in other ways. For example, a thief with a box-cutter could easily cut an ordinary lead in a flash and make off with your best friend whilst you were in a shop or momentarily distracted. Both products featured below solve this problem by not only locking the collar to the lead, but by also using flexible steel cable at the core of both collar and lead. Not only does this stop the box-cutter in its tracks, but also many other cutting tools, requiring a thief to carry a small set of bolt cutters as a minimum in order to steal your dog – which would hardly be unobtrusive, one would think!

The first lockable leash is called “Petloc” and is from the UK:
. Uses a dial/combination lock
. Includes a swivel mechanism to prevent tangles between the collar and lead.
. Comes in four colours.
. One size fits all; it is adjusted once to the dog’s collar size and then locked to that size.
. Cost: GBP25 / AU$44 + Postage.

The second lockable leash is called “Goldielock” and is pictured in this Post:
. Choice of key operated or combination lock.
. Comes in five colours.
. Available in three standard sizes, with an extra small “Yorkielock” available for the tiniest dogs.
. Each size is adjustable within its size range.
. Additional collars are available at a discounted price as backup in case of a failure.
. Cost: US$54.95 / AU$59.78 + US$14.95 / AU$16.26 for additional collars + Postage.

For us, the Goldielock comes out on top, primarily because it is adjustable. This means you can buy one when your dog is in the puppy stage and adjust the collar size as he grows. Depending on the breed, you may therefore only need to buy one Goldielock for your dog, or at the most two by the time he reaches full size. The Petloc unfortunately is not adjustable, meaning once you have set it to the required collar size for your pup, you will need to buy more as your pup grows, meaning you may well need to buy a total of more than two during your dog’s life.

Whichever product you prefer, the team at pups4sale does recommend using a locking collar and leash if stopping and tethering your dog anywhere in public when out together. At the very least it will give you added peace of mind for the safety of your best friend…and make life difficult for a thief without a set of bolt cutters on hand! 😉

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  1. Waltraud Goodwin

    Always love to receive your newletters!
    Very informative and useful advise.
    I most certainly will buy one of these collars.
    Many thanks.

    • pups4sale

      Waltraud, they are certainly a good idea for anyone who walks their dog in built up areas particularly. The extra peace of mind is certainly worth it in our book. Thanks for your kind thoughts too 😉

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