Locanto puppies for sale scams – warning

Locanto puppies for sale scam warning
Locanto puppies for sale scam warning

– At pups4sale we have had our day well and truly made by saving a Sydney family who were about to be ripped off in a puppy scam on Locanto. The family in question contacted us, having seen the information on our Scam Stopper page, and before parting with the $1,300 the scammers were asking.

Tony from Waterloo writes:

“Hi there, my name is Tony and we were just about to hopefully receive a new puppy. But however the ad said Sydney but we have found out that they are in Perth and apparently deaf. So no phone contact. Just email.  The email is addressed to Jenny Alison and only a Roland Bruce has been responding.
We have come across your site and saw the scam page and are now questioning whether it’s safe before we let go of our money. ($1300).
They want to use a transport company to send the puppy and we pay the transport company who will also deliver the puppy.  We don’t have the name of the transport company just yet they are apparently giving that to us tomorrow morning.
Can you help us in figuring out whether or not these people are true and safe to go ahead with.”

The (edited) response from pups4sale:
“It is lucky for you and your $1,300 that you contacted us.
The ad in question is 100,000% a scam.
Locanto is a notorious haven for scammers, and is featured on our “Hall of shame” of sites that allow such scams to be run on their pages. The latest update to the Hall of Shame is listed here  – and you will see Locanto is on that list …
Several additional points to note… can you please let us know the details of the “transport company” or how they want you to pay for the “transport” when they contact you via email? Usually they will have you pay via Western Union using a fake invoice, with the money going to Cameroon or Nigeria. However if they are using a new tactic such as an Australian front company, we would like to know, and so would the AFP if any members of their syndicate (and they do operate in gangs) is present in Australia.
Tony’s response:
“They rang this morning and we had difficulty in hearing them…they rang twice and the numbers came through from Russia and America. However they sounded Nigerian. Slight French accent. We did not find out the company they used…I questioned them on a couple of things. But never got a response back”


Aren’t Tony and his family lucky they didn’t send the money off to the scammers?! We had previously exposed Locanto as a haven for puppy scammers in a blog post earlier this year. However for some reason we neglected to include a video, demonstrating scams from the site and how they are run. Well today we have corrected that omission, as this video on our YouTube channel shows. When you view that video on our YouTube Channel, you will see a number of other videos we have made about other Australian classified websites that also allow scams to be run on their pages. Please take the time to review them too so you are fully up to date on the tricks the puppy scammers use.

In the case of Locanto, every single one of the puppy ads we reviewed was fake, as are virtually all of the other animal ads on the site, save for one or two. Clearly no-one from Locanto is reviewing the ads, as this classified site is all about making money from Google. They are what is known as an “MFA” site or “Made For Adsense”. Adsense is part of Google’s advertising arm. Sites like Locanto have an account with Adsense, and when Adsense ads on the site are clicked by viewers, Locanto gets a share of the revenue. The more traffic, the more clicks, the more clicks, the more revenue. Thus all MFA sites such as Locanto care about is the revenue they generate via Google. They don’t monitor their ads, as they simply couldn’t care less about their site visitors. When you use sites such as Locanto (which we suggest you don’t), be aware of the nature of the site you are dealing with.

Don’t forget, if you believe you have been or are about to be scammed on Locanto or any other site, feel free to contact us at pups4sale with your concerns. We’ll be only too happy to “sniff out” the bad guys for you. 🙂

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