Killing of litter reinforces the message – don’t give puppies away

WARNING - Do not give away puppies or adult dogs EVER
WARNING – Do not give away puppies or adult dogs EVER

– Thinking of giving a puppy or adult dog away through one of those “Free to a good home” ads? Then the following story should make you think again.

Similarly if you know someone who is planning to give a dog away, please share the following account with them. The end result of the tale we relate today is all too common in terms of the future – or lack thereof – such dogs often have waiting for them.

A man (and we use that word lightly) in NSW has just pleaded guilty to killing a litter of pups by beating them to death with a rock. Unbelievable yet true. Guess where he got them from – a Free To Good Home (FTGH) ad on Gumtree. The owner of the litter was unsuccessful in selling his litter of twelve Bull Terrier X pups on the site – one we have previously exposed for allowing scams to be run on their pages. The site also allows FTGH ads to be run, as do several other prominent classified websites in Australia – something pups4sale does not allow and will never allow – and for very good reasons.

In this instance the bad guy promised the seller (who one can only assume was gullible, desperate or just plain stupid) that he could find good homes for all twelve pups from the litter. The man then took the pups to bushland and proceeded to beat them to death with a rock. The only thing that stopped this act of evil from being completed was another man out walking his own dogs, who saw what was happening and confronted the monster.

The perpetrator then fled in his car with the remaining five pups who had not yet been attacked. Of the seven left at the scene of the crime, only one could be saved by a Veterinarian. The RSPCA were called to the scene and took the pups away, whilst the Police shortly thereafter arrested one Nathan Thompson at his home, and charged him over the killings. This vile creature then confessed to killing four of the remaining pups and stated he gave the last one away. Being in enough trouble didn’t stop this grub from resisting arrest either, which the Police duly added to the tally of charges Thompson faced and pleaded guilty to. Currently Thompson is out on Bail and will be sentenced in April – to a significant gaol sentence, the Daily Dog hopes.

This brings us to the nub of the problem – the concept of giving dogs away FTGH. Folks, if you are unaware, creatures (we won’t call them human) troll classified sites like Gumtree, looking precisely for FTGH ads so they can use the given-away dogs for dog baiting, in dog fighting rings and for other types of evil – as evidenced here. If you think we are being a touch over-the-top, we are sure most people will be aware of the recent dramatic arrests of dozens of high profile Greyhound trainers in Queensland and Victoria, who were using small animals to “blood” their racing dogs. These people were previously regarded as upstanding citizens who simply enjoyed their sport and their dogs – yet with the aid of a few hidden cameras it was revealed they were just as cruel as the killer named in this article.

So be aware that such barbarity is not confined to one particular group of sickos in society. As we have highlighted in the past, dog fighting rings are prevalent throughout Australia, highly organised and commonly associated with Outlaw Criminal Motorcycle Gangs (OCMGs). They churn through a large amount of dogs – both fighters and bait dogs used to train the fighters as the perpetrators make money and gain pleasure from their despicable acts. And the source of many of their dogs – FTGH ads – it’s as simple as that.

At pups4sale we are not saying everyone who responds to a FTGH ad is an evil monster – far from it. What we are saying is the bad guys are constantly on the prowl for free dogs to use in the above ways.

So what do you do if you have pups or adult dogs to give away? You can:

1: Place a small charge on each dog (we suggest $300), which covers most of the cost of de-sexing, microchipping, vaccination, worming and Vet checking. These tasks should all be done prior to re-homing a dog. De-sexing is important as it deters puppy farmers from purchasing your dogs. Microchipping is not only required by law in all States, but also helps the authorities track where the dog has come from should it be seized by them from an evildoer in the future. The other recommended undertakings are just good health practices for all canines.

2: Contact the nearest private shelter/rescue organisation to see whether they will take on the task of re-homing your dogs for you. If the nearest one is unable to do so, cast your net further afield and ask other shelters, or ask the first shelter for a referral to other shelters who may take your dog. However we strongly advise against taking your dogs to the RSPCA for re-homing. This notorious organisation has been exposed by its own figures as killing almost 50% of the dogs that come into its “care” – a risk we certainly wouldn’t want to take were we needing to re-home our dogs.

At pups4sale, we hope the above story gives you food for pause should you find yourself in the situation where you are considering giving away puppies or adult dogs FTGH. The message from us is simple – don’t do it, and instead plan to use the alternative options that are readily available.

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