Jetpets and Virgin Airlines Sued Over Preventable Death of Pet Dog

Australian Bulldog dies on Virgin Airlines + Jetpets watch
Australian Bulldog dies on Virgin Airlines + Jetpets watch

– In one of the most troubling cases the Daily Dog has encountered in recent times, a Queensland man’s dog died earlier this year on a Virgin Airlines flight – due to what an autopsy revealed were preventable causes.

Sharn Quarterman from Queensland engaged Jetpets to transport his Australian Bulldog “Charlie” from Perth to Coolangatta in February this year – but a formerly healthy Charlie inexplicably died in transit.

Mr Quarterman drove Charlie to the airport, gave him a walk and a drink and then delivered him to Jetpets to place him on the evening Virgin Airlines flight. Charlie’s flight cost an expensive $680, but that’s just one example of the love, time and care Mr Quarterman obviously lavished on his best mate; Sharn had even rented a house close to walking tracks whilst working in Perth, so he could take Charlie for regular walks.

On February 16, the day after the two-year-old dog died on the flight from Perth to Coolangatta, Matraville Veterinary Hospital in Sydney undertook an autopsy to determine Charlie’s cause of death.

Dr Nima Rahmani found Charlie’s “lungs were collapsed and shrunk completely” and put his death down to “heat stress and respiratory exhaustion”. On the night of the flight, temperatures in Perth were still around 40 degrees Celsius – meaning extra care should have been given to Charlie and any other animal flying that night.

So what have the two Companies involved done to assist Mr Quarterman through his grief? Well Virgin at least have said they are investigating the matter, whereas Jetpets would only say the matter is being handled by their lawyers. At pups4sale we do understand the legal implications implicit in offering an apology in such matters – but a note of sympathy at least? A phone call of regret? Has our society become so callous that all Jetpets can think of doing is call in its lawyers?

As Sharn’s Solicitors have rightly pointed out, dogs are our friends – not our furniture.

Tracey Jackson, of Couper Geysen Family and Animal Law, which is representing Mr Quarterman, said businesses that dealt with pets needed to understand how precious they were to their owners.

“They need to treat them as irreplaceable members of a family – not property,” Mrs Jackson said.

Here, here we say. We hope Mr Quarterman receives a substantial damages payout from both Companies for the terrible trauma and loss he has suffered – and which the autopsy on Charlie suggests they put him through too in his final, desperate hours. At pups4sale we encourage our readers to take note of the awful experience Mr Quarterman has gone through should you need to put your best friend/s in the care of animal transport Companies. No matter how big or reputable such Companies are, remember it’s your family member they’re in charge of. Put them on notice they had darn well better look after your dog/s like royalty at the same time you hand over your hard-earned money to them.

We’ll keep you posted on Mr Quarterman’s case as further developments occur.

4 Responses to “Jetpets and Virgin Airlines Sued Over Preventable Death of Pet Dog”

  1. Janet Lewis

    Gosh I use them all the time might have to think of an alternative company if this isn’t resolved

    • pups4sale

      Janet, the freight companies are only as good as their personnel. With the big companies especially, if they have people that really don’t care about the animals as individuals, you could well be asking for trouble. That’s why we like to stick with the smaller, personalised freight companies where possible.

  2. Josie kotsiou

    The same thing has just recently happened to me and my partner Matthew Kerwin. We lost our beautiful darling staffy due to the lack of care and respect of virgin. Our baby was neglected and subsequently died due to heat stroke. His lungs had collapsed and he suffered a horrible death. Our dream of moving to cairns as a family was crushed by VIRGIN. Im not sure where to go from here and would love to have contact with Sharn Quarterman or anyone else that knows what to do next. We are devastated and want to take some action.

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