How to rotate images in your pups4sale ad

How to rotate images within your pups4sale ad – As part of our never ending site upgrade, several months ago (in November 2015) we quietly introduced the image rotation feature for all pups4sale members.

As pictured in this post and demonstrated in the accompanying video, each click of the little pink “Rotate Image” tab will turn the relevant image ninety degrees clockwise. Click the tab again and the image turns another ninety degrees clockwise – and so on. This handy little feature is something many of our members have requested, and which we’re glad to deliver!

As we all know, taking photos of wriggling, squirming and/or playing puppies is difficult enough, without later finding our device has stored the images upside down or sideways! The image rotation feature takes all the frustration out of fixing this problem, should you encounter it, with the click of a button. No more uploading your images to third-party sites such as picresize .com, rotating them, saving them to your computer, then uploading them to your ad.

As anybody selling puppies can attest, having good quality photos of your pups is very important to the success of your ad. Equally important however is having them displayed the right way up. Having images displayed sideways or upside down is not a good look – hence the reason we are very pleased at pups4sale to be able to deliver this tool to our members.

An important point to remember, however, when using this tool: If you go through the process of rotating images, save your changes and any other edits you make to your ad, and then find your images don’t look rotated correctly to you, don’t panic, keep calm and carry on. 😀 It is simply the browser you are using has “cached” the image as it was previously loaded (upside down / on its side, etc). This will only apply to your device for a short period (usually an hour or so) until the browser “clears its cache”. This problem most often occurs with Internet Explorer, but can happen with any browser if you have set your own cache period.

Virtually all browsers have a pre-set “cache” time period in operation – which can be an hour/day/week, etc, but is most commonly an hour. What that means is, each time you view a page on the internet, if you’ve viewed that page within the last hour (or “cached” time period that is set on that particular browser) and you then view that same page again within the hour (such as when you’re editing), you may not see the changed page. (There are ways to “clear your cache” with each browser, but we won’t go into that here.) Suffice it to say, once you have saved your edits to your ad, just look at your ad in a different browser (e.g. if editing using Firefox, look at the ad page in Google Chrome) and you will see the updated page correctly displayed.

Of course if you have any questions regarding using this feature, always feel free to contact the friendly team at pups4sale and we’ll gladly assist. We made sure the image rotation tool was available to us in admin as well as to our members, so we can rotate your images for you should you get stuck. 😉

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