Hi Tech Car Water Bowl For Dogs On The Move

Heyrex Torus hi-tech water bowl for the dog on the move
Heyrex Torus hi-tech water bowl for the dog on the move

– If you’re like many Australians who enjoy holidaying or just travelling with your dog, on today’s Daily Dog we profile a very handy water bowl, designed specifically for this purpose.

As you’ll see from the photo montage with this Post, the “Torus” by the Heyrex Company certainly doesn’t look like your standard travelling water bowl – which for many people takes the form of an old ice cream container!

The device (I guess we can’t really call it just a “bowl”!) is made up of an outer and inner shell, with a changeable carbon filter in-between. Up to two litres of water is contained in the outer shell, and with the press of a button the desired amount is released into the inner shell when required, passing through the carbon filter on the way.

Water kept in the outer shell whilst travelling of course does not spill, which is one of the main driving forces behind this product. Even with the lid of the old ice cream container firmly held in place with some duct tape or a couple of sturdy rubber bands, those of us who have travelled with such a “water bowl” have all had the experience of more water ending up spilt in the vehicle than drunk by the dog! With the Torus however, only the water remaining in the inner shell is discarded after your dog has finished drinking, resulting in minimal wastage.

At pups4sale, we also like the idea of the replaceable carbon filter. A filter might sound unnecessary to those from urban areas, but for those of us used to bore water as the source of rural town drinking water, any sort of filter is a plus! For instance, some town Councils in Western Queensland (unofficially of course) advise neither humans or their dogs should drink the town water as it is so full of minerals it causes kidney stones in man and beast! When travelling through such locales, it can be difficult to find a source of rain water or good quality drinking water, so any sort of filter is welcome in such circumstances.

The Torus is a far better product than Heyrex’s other offering too – a  hi-tech canine fart monitor we previously reviewed on the Daily Dog! This one is actually practical and we think will be of great use to the many dog owners around Australia who travel with their dogs. And the price? The unit itself is currently priced at A$60, with a pack of five replacement filters costing A$18.00. On top of that is the Postage of course, which no doubt will vary depending on what part of Australia you live in.

If any of our members do have a Torus or buy one in the future, we’d love to hear your feedback on this product too in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor received any financial inducement to review or endorse this product. The opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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