GoPro camera and harness for your dog


GoPro Fetch harness for dogs just released
GoPro Fetch harness for dogs just released

– The well known GoPro camera company has just released a specially designed canine harness for their Hero range of cameras. Called the Fetch, as pictured in this Post the harness is designed to enable dog owners to turn their dog into a video platform on four legs.

The two camera positions on the harness allow the fitted camera to take forward looking shots over the dog’s head or from between his legs. The manufacturers state the harness is fully adjustable for dogs ranging from seven to fifty four kilograms in weight. Certainly the larger dogs would be more comfortable wearing the Fetch harness, but the Daily Dog wonders how the combination of harness and camera/s would suit a seven kilogram Poodle for instance.

Having said that, by looking at some of the videos we have seen taken using the combination of harness and camera, it appears the vast majority of dogs are unfazed by hosting such an unwieldy looking apparatus. Owners who have invested the time and patience required to make their dog comfortable with the unit have been rewarded with some amazing “dogs-eye” videos, as you will see if you follow the above link or do a Google search on the topic.

Apart from the time taken to train your dog to be comfortable with the unit, the main downside the pups4sale team can see is the possibility that the camera may be stolen while your dog is out and about. Whilst the harness holds the camera securely, any human can easily detach the camera and take off with it. Although (courtesy of the GoPro camera itself) you may receive an image of the thief if the camera is a model that streams in real time, a smart thief may still steal the camera from behind. Regardless of whether you have an image of the thief though, you are still risking between $350 and $600 worth of camera attached to your dog if something does go wrong. If you have a bigger dog and two cameras attached, well that’s double the risk you are running.

Apart from nefarious human intervention, it appears the waterproof GoPros are very ruggedly built and able to withstand pretty much any adventure our canine companions can put them through. The Daily Dog team haven’t read any reviews where the cameras have been wrecked when fitted to the Fetch harness, which is important  given the cameras are quite expensive.

With the rapid uptake of the Fetch harness in the US, it is only a matter of time before we see them (and their attached cameras) in action on Australian beaches, in parks, dog-walking areas and so on. Certainly if you do have a dog so kitted-out, they would be very hard to miss and bound to attract attention – some of which would undoubtedly be negative. Some people will see such a bulky arrangement as detrimental to the health of a dog, but given the videos widely available on the internet, the dogs themselves certainly don’t seem to mind!

If you’ve seen a Fetch harness and mounted camera in action – or a similar arrangement from another brand of camera manufacturer – please tell us your thoughts about it in the comments section below.

Editor’s note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor accepted any financial inducement in order to write the above review. The opinions expressed are entirely that of the pups4sale team.

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