Friendly Dog Collars – What A Great Idea

Friendly dog collars - what a great idea
Friendly dog collars – what a great idea

– The Daily Dog has come across a range of dog collars we think are a brilliant addition to the tool kit of anyone who regularly walks their dog in public. Known as “Friendly collars”, the brightly coloured collars, harnesses, vests and accompanying leads clearly and boldly depict what sort of attitude your dog generally displays towards life. As you can see from the image with this Post, there is a wide range of colour and text coded restraints available that make it abundantly clear whether your dog is approachable or not, available for adoption, deaf, blind – or anywhere in-between in fact.

For those of us who frequent public places with our dogs, such harnesses are a great help to pre-advise others whether they should or should not approach our dog. Otherwise well meaning adults or innocent children who don’t know better often feel they can pat any dog that comes across their path – whether invited to do so or not. Experienced dog owners do know better however, and such harnesses can help avoid the need to (politely of course!) tell people to “back off” if you can see them zooming towards your dog for an unwelcome pat.

Just today we read an article in the Courier Mail regarding a Brisbane woman whose dog was attacked by another whilst she was walking her dog in a Brisbane dog park. At pups4sale we’re not saying the attack in question could have been prevented by the wearing of a friendly dog harness, given the attacking dog in question was off-leash and clearly aggressive. However if the owner of the aggressive dog had been responsible and had the dog leashed with a harness such as the bright orange “No dogs” option, that would have warned other dog owners to keep their dog/s away from this dog. Indeed, if that particular dog-owner had been responsible, this terrible incident need not have happened.

In our opinion, this range of doggie products should have been called “Friendly Harnesses” in order to encourage people to buy the more clearly visible harness or vest accessory as opposed to just collars. Regardless, the entire range is available online by clicking here. Check out the website and decide for yourself whether such accessories would prove beneficial for you and your dog or not. At pups4sale we think at the very least they are a great idea for those people who often take their dogs walking in public places.

Editor’s Accountability Note: The Daily Dog has not sought nor received any financial inducement regarding this Post. The opinions expressed are entirely our own.

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