Facebook puppies for sale scams

Facebook puppies for sale scams
Facebook puppies for sale scams

The scammers are always looking for new ways to run their schemes, with the latest being a tricky little tactic utilising Facebook. On the Daily Dog we regularly feature articles on the topic of puppies for sale scams, with this being the latest in a long line.

In this instance the scammer first creates a fake Facebook profile (some of which are more legitimate-looking than others). Then having done so, they go looking for a popular Facebook Page featuring ads for puppies for sale – such as ours.

Having identified a suitable target, they then either:


Facebook puppies for sale scams
YouTube video on puppies for sale scams on Facebook

1: Place a fake ad, often including an email address which they ask potential victims to contact them on directly.


2: Comment on a legitimate ad, with the comment containing all the details of the fake ad in (1) above.

The scammers hope to utilise the popularity of the Page in question to place their ad in front of as many potential victims as possible. They also hope the moderator of the Page is not vigilant, doesn’t care – or both. So in the case of pups4sale.com.au, they are “SOL” (sadly out of luck). As you’ll see in the video we have just posted on our YouTube Channel, we picked the scammer in question up straight away, as we manually check every Post. Click on either graphic in this post to be taken directly to the video in question, so you can see for yourself.

Stay vigilant, be alert and keep yourself educated on the latest developments in the world of puppy scams by subscribing to our YouTube Channel. That way you will vastly minimise the chances of being scammed online…and as we say on our videos…this is just another great service we love to provide for all our members on pups4sale!

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