Dogs With Tattoos – A New Trend Perhaps

Dogs with tattoos - a new trend perhaps?
Dogs with tattoos – a new trend perhaps?

– Tattooing the inside of a female dog’s ear during a de-sexing operation is a procedure that has been common for many years in Australia and overseas. Of course it’s only required in female dogs as the procedure is, shall we say, rather obvious where male dogs are concerned. Nevertheless, Vets commonly tattoo the ears of de-sexed male dogs as well, simply as a matter of thoroughness and consistency.

However a dog owner in the US (where else!) has taken the issue of tattoos and dogs to a whole new level, as the image in this Post shows.

A New York tattoo artist by the name of Alex (hence the tattoo!) asked the Veterinarian who was de-sexing Alex’s dog “Zion”, whether it would be OK to tattoo the dog whilst he was under anaesthetic. Surprisingly for many people, the Vet said “Yes” – and not just to a de-sexing tattoo either! Alex AKA “Mistah Metro” then proceeded to tattoo the pictured artwork on Zion’s shoulder.

As you can imagine, pictures of Zion have gone viral, with subsequent howls of outrage emanating from dog owners across the US. The fact the tattoo features the name of Alex and his wife Mel has made no difference to the overwhelming criticism being leveled over the fact Zion was tattooed at all. Indeed when the pups4sale team first saw a picture of a tattooed Zion, we were none too impressed either. Of course a dog could only be tattooed when unconscious, as there is no way to make him or her stay still long enough to complete the process otherwise. Given dogs are only anaesthetised for medical procedures, it would of course be unethical (and thus a rare occurrence) for Vets to anaesthetise dogs simply so a tattoo could be applied to their skin.

We should note that with Zion being tattooed under anaesthetic, it appears no animal welfare laws have been broken by doing so. In fact laws applying to animal welfare have simply not been designed with the issue of tattooing an unconscious dog in mind.

The only upside the Daily Dog can see to what could become an emerging trend among dog owners is it could be the impetus needed for them to de-sex their dogs when they wouldn’t do so otherwise. If the only opportunity to tattoo their dog came during such an operation, those with a bent for all things ink could in fact take the opportunity to have their dog tattooed at the same time. However this is the only upside we can see to the issue of tattooing dogs for the sake of art. They are beautiful, unique creatures, every one of them, and they do not need man’s “enhancing” or “artwork” to improve on that at all.

That’s our opinion anyway. Feel free to tell us your thoughts on the issue of dogs and tattoos in the comments section below…

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