Dogs die in hot cars – a reminder



Dogs die in hot cars in Australia
Dogs die in hot cars

With the recent spate of hot weather occurring in many places across Australia, the team at pups4sale thought now would be a good time to remind all dog owners about the importance of not leaving dogs unattended in cars.

It’s not just the issue of leaving dogs unattended in “hot” cars (whatever that definition means) but leaving them unattended at all.

You may be surprised to learn that even in (sunny!) England, dogs die from heat stress in cars, as shown in the included graphic from the UK RSPCA.

There has been lots of publicity lately on the topic, and coming into Summer it is very timely. There are laws against leaving young children unattended in vehicles at all, and whilst this may be a bridge too far where animals are concerned, it is still a good benchmark to use. Where it doesn’t apply of course is the case of working dogs on the back of a ute, show dogs being transported in an appropriate trailer, etc. Yet even in those situations, they must have access to water and fresh air (not really a problem on the back of a ute of course!).


Dogs die in hot cars - even in the UK
Dogs die in hot cars – even in the UK

At the DailyDog we understand there is a quasi-immunity of sorts for people who, upon seeing animals or children left unattended in a closed vehicle, smash a window to release the trapped individual. We understand the authorities are very reluctant to prosecute such individuals, rather turning their attention (and rightly so in our opinion) onto the negligent owner of the vehicle concerned.

Penalties for this sort of negligence vary from State to State and depending on the lasting damage (if any) done to the animal concerned. However with the wide community awareness of how dangerous it is to leave dogs unattended in an enclosed vehicle, we believe the penalties should be steep and the owners given only one chance before their animals are seized and given to responsible dog-owners.

Would you be prepared to smash a car window in a shopping centre parking lot if you saw a dog locked in an unattended vehicle? Your thoughts are welcome in the comments section below.

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  1. Bobbie-Lee

    Yes I would try to smash a window to get the dog out for sure! People need to wake up & realise their dogs can die in there.

    • pups4sale

      That’s our sentiment too at pups4sale – as discussed on our other FB post today on the topic. BTW a wheel brace that is included in the tyre changing kit of all cars is an excellent tool for this as you minimise the chance of getting cut by flying glass. Obviously not something to do for fun, but as they say, desperate times demand desperate measures.

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