Dog used as prop to help man secure work

Dog used as prop to help man find work
Dog used as prop to help man find work

– Using an unusual tactic, an unemployed man from Townsville has successfully used his dog as a prop to help the man obtain work.

Jamie Petersen (pictured here with his dog “Sprocket”), parked himself beside busy Kern Brothers drive earlier this week, replete with Sprocket (a Staffordshire Bull Terrier X) in tow. With Sprocket and a sign in full view of passing motorists, Mr Petersen was surprised at the amount of attention his job-seeking ploy gained.

Additionally Mr Petersen, his dog and his story were featured in an edition of the local Townsville Bulletin newspaper, and as a combined result of his efforts he received over fifteen different job offers in one day alone.

The impact of Sprocket on Mr Petersen’s campaign among passing motorists was clearly telling too, with people even dropping off water for both of them and canned dog food for Sprocket. Whether Sprocket was influential in gaining Mr Petersen a job is debatable, but he clearly had an impact in terms of the attention Mr Petersen received and the social media buzz having a dog involved in job hunting efforts would have generated.

Mr Petersen has already begun his new job as a labourer with a concrete rendering business, so the Daily Dog assumes he can now afford to feed Sprocket as well as himself. However the whole episode raises the ethical question of whether it is right to use animals as props as part of human endeavours – such as job seeking in this case. We’re sure many of our readers cringe like we do when you see a picture of some gormless celebrity (Paris Hilton and her long-suffering Maltese comes to mind) cuddling their dog in order to gain sympathy/attention/exposure with the public via the media. Such photo shoots are often highly planned and designed to tug at the heartstrings of the target “market”, with the ultimate aim of generating revenue for the humans involved. So in a bizarre way, the use of Sprocket seems to have the same ethical (or unethical perhaps?) basis as that employed by others who use their dogs for personal gain.

We think the combined efforts of Mr Petersen sitting beside a busy road with a job seeking sign, and having his story featured in the local newspaper would have resulted in job offers – regardless of whether Sprocket was involved in the campaign or not. However that is simply the opinion of the pups4sale team, and we welcome your comments below.

As a final note, yesterday’s Daily Dog discussed the issue of dogs in the workplace. Wouldn’t it be a great result for Sprocket if he is able to go to work with Mr Petersen every day? After all an outdoor, labouring environment in the tropics sounds like a great place for a young and active Staffy X. Going to work would certainly be a better option for Sprocket than being tied up at home by himself all day. Let’s hope Mr Petersen does the right thing by Sprocket now others have done him a good turn.


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