Dog thief caught on video

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In recent articles on dog-fighting rings on  pups4sale we’ve mentioned how prevalent dog stealing is in this Country. Unfortunately micro-chipping and registering of dogs does little to stop this practice. Many of the dogs stolen are used as “bait dogs” to train larger dogs in the “art” of killing. Others are stolen with the aim of training them to kill other dogs. Still others are stolen as breeders, never seeing the light of day again as their back-yard-breeder kidnappers hide them away. warns people to beware of people stealing dogs for dog fighting
Dog thief in Melbourne caught on camera

In this case however, the owners have modern technology on their side. As shown in the attached video, the dog thief in Melbourne who stole a blue Staffordshire Bull Terrier this week didn’t realise he was being filmed. He jumped into the dog’s yard, callously threw it over a high fence, then followed after it. The dog in question (“Jazz”) has not been found at time of writing (even with a large reward being offered), but we hope the video of the thief in action (which has been given to the Police of course) proves useful.

It’s a sad day when we need to have CCTV monitoring our own backyards, but it seems this is the way it is going. So if you are considering following the wise move of Jazz’s owners, here are some tips from the security team at

1: Purchase multiple, motion sensitive cameras that are able to be networked together.

2: Purchase the highest resolution cameras you are able to afford – and preferably ones that have night vision capabilities also.

3: When installing them, have overlapping fields of view, in case one fails.

4: Ensure the cameras can record to either your own computer on-premises or to a remote server via a reliable mobile telephone signal.

5: Ensure you have sufficient storage space to store at least 24 hours of footage from all the cameras at the highest resolution they can operate at.

By following the simple steps above, you will aid your chances of recovering your dog should this dreadful event happen to you. All drivers licence photographs will soon be digitised in Australia as the roll out of such technology completes over the next two years. That means if your thief has a driver’s licence and you capture a quality digital image of him/her (including the face), by supplying the digital file to the Police, they can use facial recognition technology to narrow down the list of suspects. Whilst there are many very legitimate privacy concerns at the potential for misuse of such technology, when it is put to good use it can be a very valuable tool indeed. At we hope it proves to be so in the case of “Jazz”.

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