Dog suites the latest trend in luxury homes

Dog suites are becoming a must-have in luxury homes
Dog suites are becoming a must-have in luxury homes

– In the latest canine trend to come out of America, customised dog suites are becoming an increasingly common addition to luxury homes in Australia too.

It is not only new homes that are being built with dog suites incorporated as part of their design either. An increasing number of existing homes are being retro-fitted with dog suites as our canine companions become ever more part of the human family.

Indeed with the rising number of single person households and those with no children, a corresponding number of Australian home owners find they have the time and money to lavish on their four-legged companions instead of the two-legged variety. Almost seventy percent of Australians homes are also home to a pet of some kind, with the most common pet being a dog of course. So with the combination of an increase in wealthy households and a large number of homes with dogs, it is inevitable that dog suites will grow in popularity in the years to come.

As shown in the picture with this Post, the term “suite” is not misused either. Anyone who has an everyday, run-of-the-mill ensuite addition to their bedroom might actually be feeling a little bit jealous when you look at the fittings in the pictured dog suite. Mind you, this one is at the top of the range, with its own cooking facilities, but most have a doggie bath, direct access to the outside, beds and easy clean walls and floors.

In the United States, some property developers who specialise in luxury home estate developments are now including dog suites as standard in their homes, as the trend is becoming so popular. Whilst not yet as popular here. a number of top-end builders incorporate the option for a dog suite as part of their building plans for luxury dwellings.

For those of us (including the pups4sale team!) not given to including pet suites as part of their homes, the trickle-down effect of such luxury is spreading however. That is, often the more useful parts of luxury designs – be they in homes, cars or gadgets – become cheaper the more they are used and filter through to the rest of the market. In this case, many builders of everyday houses are making use of some of the more sensible features to be found in dog suites and offering them as part of new builds or retro-fittings. Such options include:

. Dog bowl holders – made of stainless steel for its anti-bacterial properties, these are fitted into bench space in a kitchen, making it easier for people to prepare food for their dogs.

. Larger laundry tubs – designed to include outlets with flexible hoses so the tub is not only useful for laundry, but practical for washing dogs too.

. Dog doors –  incorporated into glass doors as well as security screens, they no longer look like ugly add-ons but blend into the door itself.

We’re sure there’s lots more handy features being put to use in modern dog-owning households, but these are the ones the pups4sale team has seen in use already.

Have you included a dog suite in your home, or know of someone who has? Tell the Daily Dog’s readers all about it in the comments section below.

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