Dog Sells For Record Two Million Dollars

Tibetan Mastiff puppy sells for record price in China
Tibetan Mastiff puppy sells for record price in China

– A Tibetan Mastiff puppy has been sold for a new world record price at a recent luxury pet fair in China. The previous record had also been held by a Tibetan Mastiff, which is a highly prized breed among rich Chinese businessmen.

The new record holder, pictured on the left of the image in this Post was sold for US$2M dollars (AU$2.2M). The price the dog on the right sold for was not disclosed, but you can be sure it was for a pretty penny too.

The price of this particular breed of dog has gone through the roof in recent times in China, as it has become seen as a “must have” status symbol for the wealthy elite. However, if you’re like the pups4sale team, you will no doubt be wondering just how much the new owners of such dogs actually care about them as individuals, in addition to their status symbol value.

Apparently because of their large size, the similarity of their appearance (in some aspects such as their mane) to African Lions and their ability to be ferocious, Chinese have come to view Tibetan Mastiffs not only as China’s version of the Lion but also as a de-facto national animal like the Panda. How this has come about no-one seems to be sure, but like many passing fashion trends, one wonders how long this one will last.

Given the enormous prices being paid for Tibetan Mastiffs in China, you can guarantee unscrupulous breeders will now be churning out puppies left, right and centre, in-breeding if required, etc, and totally without regard to the welfare of the individual animals. Given this behaviour is a sure-thing on the part of such people, the price of puppies will decline as the supply greatly increases. What is keeping the price high at the moment however is the breed is still relatively scarce, but of course this will not last long.

Some commentators have speculated that perhaps the ridiculous prices being recorded for these dogs are not genuine, but a way for breeders to artificially increase the price of their pups. However research by the Daily Dog indicates that given the purchasers of the dogs in question are usually well known business people, (such as the property developer who paid the record price noted here) that is unlikely. Such people have enormous wealth and have no need to “gild the Lilly” as it were when it comes to commenting on the price of the pups they have purchased.

We do hope this insanity ends soon – otherwise it is sure to end badly for the dogs involved. We are glad nothing like this caper exists in Australia, and hope it never eventuates – as we’re sure do most responsible dog breeders across the nation.

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