Dog Off Leash Park Has Residents Barking Mad

Grumpy old man leads resident opposition to dog off leash park in Rocklea, Brisbane
Grumpy old man leads resident opposition to dog off leash park in Rocklea, Brisbane

– In another case of ‘not in my backyard’, residents of the Brisbane suburb of Rocklea are up in arms over a proposed dog off-leash park in their suburb.

For those not familiar with the subject, a “dog off-leash park” is exactly that – a place where dog owners can go to allow their dogs to have a run and a play with other dogs, without the constraints of a leash. It goes without saying that such parks have strict behavioural requirements for both owner and dog, and rightly so. For instance, many such parks (all of which have external fencing of course) have internal divisions for small, medium and large dogs. Many also have muzzle requirements for certain breeds and/or those not de-sexed. All have time restrictions to limit the hours people can use the park, so neighbouring residents are not disturbed late at night.

The list goes on of course, but however many conditions are imposed on the users of such parks, it is never good enough for some people. So in a classic case of “not in my back yard” (a term commonly shortened to “NIMBY”), resident opposition in Rocklea is being lead by a grumpy old man, who if he were a dog himself we think would look something like the canine in the cartoon we have featured with this Post.

Among other complaints, “Mr Grumpy” (as we shall call him) included a classic: “You’re going to get a lot of people, who aren’t very nice people, who will graffiti things in the park and spray fences.” Priceless, don’t you think? At the Daily Dog we can just picture dog owners releasing their dogs to play untended in the park, then rushing back to their cars to obtain multiple cans of spray paint in order to graffiti the chain link fence…or perhaps not.

Mr Grumpy is also worried the proposed park is in a flood zone. As one wag in an online forum contended in response, “that’s OK – dogs can swim”. 🙂 Surely land that is fllood-prone would be perfect for a dog park, as it can’t be used to build on or do much else with. How much would it cost simply to replace the fencing the next time a flood comes along and washes it away? A pittance when compared to the cost of replacing most infrastructure these days.

Mr Grumpy and his friends will of course think up every excuse they can in order to try and stop the proposed dog park from going ahead. At pups4sale we have a suggestion for Mr Grumpy as an alternative solution; go and get yourself a dog and take advantage of the nearby facility. Gain new friends and get some exercise at the same time. “De-learn” (if there is such a word!) how to be grumpy. Who knows, you might even work on a smile or even a laugh whilst you improve your health and keep your dog healthy too.

Unfortunately at the Daily Dog we understand most newly proposed dog off-leash parks receive at least some resident opposition prior to construction, as a result of a NIMBY attitude by some neighbours. If only such people took the “glass-half-full” approach and decided to take advantage of the new facilities, it would be a win-win all around – dogs included.

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3 Responses to “Dog Off Leash Park Has Residents Barking Mad”

  1. Emma

    Let’s hope it gets approved. Graffiti??? Interesting argument from Mr Grumpy….

    • pups4sale

      Yes Emma, there are lots of “Mr Grumpy” types out there. That is why we can’t understand the NIMBY attitude of such people. If only they would take the “glass half full” approach they would find a lot of new friends among those dog owners who take the exercise of their dogs seriously. Then they wouldn’t need to be so grumpy!

  2. Lyn Renn

    Some people aren’t happy unless they’re complaining or just plain causing trouble!!??

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